post-title Andreas Fux | стыд и красота | cubus-m | 30.01.-05.03.2016

Andreas Fux | стыд и красота | cubus-m | 30.01.-05.03.2016

Andreas Fux | стыд и красота | cubus-m | 30.01.-05.03.2016

Andreas Fux | стыд и красота | cubus-m | 30.01.-05.03.2016

until 05.03. | #0333ARTatBerlin |  From January 30 to March 5, 2016 Gallery cubus-m presents the exhibition “стыд и красота” by Andreas Fux.

cubus-m is delighted to present the third solo show by Berlin based photographer Andreas Fux with the gallery.

For the exhibition Andreas Fux opposes new portraits with a selection of older works and thus describing a process within his oeuvre over the years. He has preserved the almost tender and respectful handling of his subjects you find in his early works, but the shy approach has given way to one that could be described as calculated ecstasy. The sessions in which he bathes his models in soft light take an entire night, are meticulously planned, take place in a highly sensitised atmosphere, following a dramatic plan in which surprises are written in, even if the photographer also tries to capture reality in the pictures he considers.
The exhibition’s title, which can be translated as ‘shame and beauty’, refers to the previous venue of the show. In September 2015 Andreas Fux showed his works in Moscow for the first time – under rather adverse conditions. Therefore, the Berlin show also contextualizes the discussion on governmental and social repression and persecution.

Andreas Fux (* 1964) lives in Berlin. He has worked with photography since 1983. During the GDR years Fux exhibited his work in private gallery spaces. In 1988, the Berliner Verlag ‘Magazin’ had the courage to publish Andreas Fux’s work for the first time in the GDR. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Andreas Fux’s photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, for example in Widmer + Theodoris in Zurich, the Photo Festival in New York, Esther Woerdehoff in Paris and Pasinger Fabrik in Munich.
Vernissage: Friday, January 29, 2016, 7 p.m. (Opening speech by Frank Wagner)

Exhibition period: Saturday, January 30 to Saturday, March 5, 2016 

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Image caption: Copyright Andreas Fux, courtesy to cubus-m

Andreas Fux – Ausstellung – cubus-m – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin  


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