post-title YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW | Performance | Galerie Jordan / Seydoux | 07.07.2018

YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW | Performance | Galerie Jordan / Seydoux | 07.07.2018

YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW | Performance | Galerie Jordan / Seydoux | 07.07.2018

YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW | Performance | Galerie Jordan / Seydoux | 07.07.2018

For the first time in Berlin: Galerie Jordan/Seydoux presents on 7th July 2018 the performance «YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW» with Bryan Mc Cormack, Dr. Henry Bell and performers of the Sheffield Hallam Universität.

In an ongoing project that was first exhibited at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017, Bryan McCormack has spent the last 2 years visiting hundreds of refugees in centres, camps, squats and shelters across Europe. He asked them to draw three drawings: one of their life before (YESTERDAY), one of their current life (TODAY), and one of their imagined future (TOMORROW).

Each of these drawings is a voice, an individuals story, that has been given a platform with which to be shared.

« YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW » started out as a conceptual art project with the intention of giving the refugee population their own singular, common voice by creating a visual language that can be communicated by every man, woman and child, independently of nationality, education, language or dialect spoken.

Using these drawings as foundation, the project is experienced both through an installation/performance and through its own a social media voice. The performance piece includes the audience in response to these drawings, and brings together the experience and aspirations of the audience, and that of the refugees. It is an active meditation of the experience of the refugees, opposed to a traditional voyeuristic approach to education surrounding the victims of humanitarian crises. It is a chance
to have their stories shared with dignity.

« YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW » has travelled extensively after it’s initial show at the 57th Venice Biennale, taking place in many countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, before making it’s way here to Berlin for the first time. It is performed in many different locations, festivals, schools, universities, institutions,… All the drawings, along with some basic information (age, gender, nationality and current location, etc …) have been collected, filed and scanned and now make-up a digital database of thousands of voices. What once started as conceptual art project has now become a fully-fledged International Research Project with very specific goals that are broken-down into 3 main categories:

(1) The creation of educational/pedagogical tools to increase the global awareness of the refugee crisis.

(2) The creation of psychosocial programs and clinical assessment tools for refugees in war zones and refugee camps.

(3) The artistic interpretation of this visual language to give a voice to a people who do not have one.

Bryan McCormack is an Irish Artist and Activist born in Dublin in 1972, currently living and working in Paris. His work focuses specifically on social and political issues, with installations, sculptures and performances as his preferred medium.


Instagram: @yesterday__today_tomorrow


Performance: Saturday, 7th July 2018, 20:00 Uhr, duration 45 minutes

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Image caption: Courtesy of Galerie Jordan Seydoux – Flyer Performance YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW

Performance Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow – Galerie Jordan / Seydoux | Contemporary Art in Berlin – Galerien Berlin – ART at Berlin


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