post-title NEWS: TAPE ART CONVENTION | 07.05.-21.05.2022

NEWS: TAPE ART CONVENTION | 07.05.-21.05.2022

NEWS: TAPE ART CONVENTION | 07.05.-21.05.2022

NEWS: TAPE ART CONVENTION | 07.05.-21.05.2022

The Tape Art Convention 2022 opens on Sunday, 7 May 2022 at 7 pm at the Napoleon Komplex in Berlin-Friedrichshain. On 1000 m² the exhibition shows 32 national and international tape art artists and collectives from 10 countries.

Visitors can see artworks, walk through installations, take part in workshops and guided tours and experience live performances. Patron Dr. Klaus Lederer, Berlin’s Senator for Culture and Mayor, is expected to attend the opening.

Today, Berlin is the epicentre of the worldwide tape art movement. A veritable “ecosystem” has established itself here, which is growing with material manufacturers, academies, art projects all over the world, and above all artists and collectives. Dr. Klaus Lederer supports the convention and, as patron, gives the art form the chance to grow beyond the globally well-connected scene of collectors, clients and artists.

The organiser of the 14-day convention is the Berlin collective Tape That. The aim of the third and largest international tape art exhibition to date is to …

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Image caption: Tape Art Convention 2018, Artist: Felix Rodewaldt, Photo: Laurenz H. Bostedt

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