Due to the Corona lockdown Galleries stay closed until January the 31st 2021


here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Hannah Quinlan + Rosie Hastings | PUBLIC AFFAIRS | Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi | 31.10.2020-09.01.2021

until 09.01. | #2897ARTatBerlin | Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi shows from 31st October 2020 the exhibition PUBLIC AFFAIRS by the artists Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings. Vernissage: Saturday, 31st October 2020, noon to 8:00 pm Exhibiiton period: Saturday, 31st October 2020 – Saturday, 9th January 2021, by appointment for two persons at the same time, the […]

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Basim Magdy | Renegade Dreams Hanging From The Clouds | König Galerie (Chapel) | 30.10.–18.12.2020

until 18.12. | #2889ARTatBerlin | König Galerie (Chapel) shows from 30. October 2020 the solo show Renegade Dreams Hanging From The Clouds with new works by the artist Basim Magdy. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist in the gallery. At CHAPEL, eight works on canvas and a video work will be shown. […]

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Katharina Grosse | At 30 Paces She Could Split A Playing Card | König Galerie (Nave) | 30.10.–18.12.2020

until 18.12. | #2888ARTatBerlin | König Galerie (Nave) is showing the solo show At 30 Paces She Could Split A Playing Card with new works by the artist Katharina Grosse from 30 October 2020. It is the third solo show of the artist in the gallery. On show are large-format works on canvas and plywood, […]

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Michael Müller | Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 17.10.-07.11.2020

until 07.11.| #2879ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 17th October 2020 the second phase of the solo show of the artist Michael Müller, which consists of two parts: The exhibition “Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness” follows as the second part of the previous exhibition “Anton im Bastrock” (>Anton in a raffia skirt) as well as […]

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EQUILIBRIUM | Group Show | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 11.09-14.11.2020

until 14.11. | #2858ARTatBerlin | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery shows from 11th September 2020 the group show EQUILIBRIUM. The title comes from Latin and means “balance”. It is about the balance of three painters and three sculptors who are shown in dialogue: Works by Christo Daskaltsis, Philipp Haager, Masaya Hashimoto, Kosuke Kato, Nadège Mouyssinat and […]

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Michael Müller | Anton im Bastrock + Bikini on Mars | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 09.09.-09.10.2020

until 09.10.| #2846ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte will present the first version of the solo show by the artist Michael Müller, which consists of two parts: “Anton im Bastrock” and the installation “Bikini on Mars” in the gallery’s Corner Space, starting on 9 September 2020. The second version, “Aesthetic judgement and selflessness: exposing oneself to […]

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Hadi Fallahpisheh | Good | EFREMIDIS GALLERY | 11.09.-07.11.2020

until 07.11. | #2857ARTatBerlin | EFREMIDIS GALLERY shows from September 11, 2020, exhibition “Good” with works of the artist Hadi Fallahpisheh. Hadi Fallahpisheh performs alone in the darkroom. The lack of light impairs his vision and, consequently, movements become absurd and cumbersome. To make his work he uses different tools and methods: balls and flashlights, […]

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Bridget Riley | Close to home | Galerie Max Hetzler | 05.09.-24.10.2020

until 24.10. | #2815ARTatBerlin | Galerie Max Hetzler shows a comprehensive exhibition of the artist Bridget Riley from September 5, 2020. Gallery Max Hetzler is pleased to draw your attention to their comprehensive solo exhibition with works by the internationally renowned artist Bridget Riley in all three Berlin locations. This is the seventh solo exhibition […]

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Ugo Rondinone | nuns + monks | Esther Schipper | 11.09.-17.10.2020

until 17.10. | #2818ARTatBerlin | Esther Schipper presents from 11th September 2020 the exhibition nuns + monks with new sculptures by the artist Ugo Rondinone.  Stones are present in Ugo Rondinone’s work as a recurring material and symbol. They are the subject of his stone figures, which he began in 2013 with the monumental installation […]

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