post-title Simon Schubert | Beyond Ideas | Galerie Wagner + Partner | bis 30.07.2016

Simon Schubert | Beyond Ideas | Galerie Wagner + Partner | bis 30.07.2016

Simon Schubert | Beyond Ideas | Galerie Wagner + Partner | bis 30.07.2016

Simon Schubert | Beyond Ideas | Galerie Wagner + Partner | bis 30.07.2016

until 30.07. | #0615ARTatBerlin | The gallery Wagner + Partner currently shows the exhibition “Beyond Ideas ” by the artist Simon Schubert.

WAGNER + PARTNER is pleased to announce Simon Schubert’s first exhibition with the gallery, whose unique paper folds push the limits of drawing. Schubert works across several mediums and his installation-oriented exhibitions are often inspired by literary and philosophical sources. In Jenseits von Ideen (Beyond Ideas) he leads us – like Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s story – through the earth and into a room dressed with papered pictorial reliefs. This room is the beginning of a major artistic project, in which the artist will create a kind of accessible, fully-clad paper house, in which his reliefs – due to their association with one another – create the illusion of an actual house that reveals views both through and to the outside.

The visitor arrives in this room after they have traversed the gallery corridor, which is covered with soil. In the first room of the exhibition one is introduced to Schubert’s play with spatiality and narrative, in which time and space appear to be overruled. The symbol of the rabbit hole as a ‘transition room’ becomes a recurring theme for the entire show. For instance: there is a view through a top hat, in which a video work illuminates a further spatial illusion. Correspondingly, Schubert’s unique paper folding technique establishes further spatial illusions: where lines and shadows complicitly amass space and make subtle gradients visible. It is Schubert’s treatment of each piece of paper that makes the installation possible and in so doing; an illusionary, two-dimensional concertina drawing becomes a spatial drawing.

The primarily white paper folds are contrasted with white-through-black graphite drawings, which through the aid of strong light/dark contrast, illustrate rooms and houses at night that are illuminated only via the reflection of light sources. These houses are partly engulfed by a blaze or are only dimly visible in the twilight. Simon Schubert harnesses paper, sculpture and video to create individual images of rooms and actual constructed rooms as parts of a near endless, steadily expanding network. The visitor is transported into a surreal and suggestive world, in which endless entrances and exits are revealed from inside and out.

Simon Schubert (*1976, Cologne, Germany) studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and lives in Cologne. His installations and paper works have been shown at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Kunstverein Bregenz, Abtei Brauweiler and The Royal Academy of the Arts London a. o.


Vernissage: Friday, 24th June, 7 – 10 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 24th June – Saturday, 30th  July 2016

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Image caption: Simon Schubert, installation (paper works and sculpture), 2016, Beyond Ideas, courtesy WAGNER+PARTNER

Exhibition Simon Schubert – WAGNER + PARTNER – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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