post-title Sandy Cheyne | 80 Years Sandy Cheyne | Galerie Berlin-Baku | 07.07.–01.08.2015

Sandy Cheyne | 80 Years Sandy Cheyne | Galerie Berlin-Baku | 07.07.–01.08.2015

Sandy Cheyne | 80 Years Sandy Cheyne | Galerie Berlin-Baku | 07.07.–01.08.2015

Sandy Cheyne | 80 Years Sandy Cheyne | Galerie Berlin-Baku | 07.07.–01.08.2015

until 01.08. | #0114ARTatBerlin | Gallery Baku-Berlin’s new exhibition ’80 years of Sandy Cheyne’ shows an overview on the artist’s work. Between 7th july and 1st august 2015 a collection of paintings and drawings from Cheyne’s different creation periods can be seen.

Sandy Cheyne can look back on more than 60-years of creativity. His first artwork he painted at the age of four, and at the age of 11 he won 1st prize in a nationwide art competition! In Sandy Cheyne’s artwork shapes and colours have a characteristic relationship; his use of restrained and muted colours often form a contrast with the subject matter and provide a continuous element in all his screen prints and watercolours.
In Scotland he found inspiration in historic buildings and landscapes; in Berlin there were the facades and roofs, as well as the juxtaposition of dilapidated old and new architecture. Berlin in the 80 / 90s provided the main theme in Cheyne’s artwork. As a chronicler of the nineties he was on his motorcycle scouting every day around the changing city. He sought out on the remains of the wall and recorded the direct post-reunification era for the future. Here we can see his fascination with history and change and his predilection for contrasts as in old and new, buildings and nature.
Since his days at art school in the late fifties nude studies have also played a big part in his creative work, but from this time there is also a lesser-known side of Sandy Cheyne – his caricatures.
The range of his techniques – drawings, screen prints, watercolours, pastels and oils, just to mention a few – , together with the rich variety in his subject matter i.e. landscape and urban themes, character studies of people, nude studies carry his special signature.
Screen printing gave him a suitable medium for stylized, graphical representation, but in recent years Sandy Cheyne has focused again on his watercolour technique.
Accompanying the exhibition there will be a catalogue illustrating his life’s work.

Vernissage: Sunday, 5th july 2015, 12 Uhr. The artist will take part.

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 7th july – Saturday, 1st August 2015

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Image caption: Galerie Berlin Baku – Sandy Cheyne

Sandy Cheyne – Gallery Berlin Baku – Art in Berlin ART@Berlin


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