post-title Reinhard Stangl | Enchanting Sea of Flowers | Galerie Mutare | 12.01.-24.02.2019

Reinhard Stangl | Enchanting Sea of Flowers | Galerie Mutare | 12.01.-24.02.2019

Reinhard Stangl | Enchanting Sea of Flowers | Galerie Mutare | 12.01.-24.02.2019

Reinhard Stangl | Enchanting Sea of Flowers | Galerie Mutare | 12.01.-24.02.2019

until 24.02. | #2317ARTatBerlin | Galerie mutare presents from 12th January 2019 the exhibition “Enchanting Sea of Flowers” with painting by the artist Reinhard Stangl.

The exhibition “ENCHANTING SEA OF FLOWERS” presents works of the painter Reinhard Stangl, who lives in Berlin and Brandenburg, and who – for the first time – approaches the topic “flowers” in a subtle way. The exhibition opens on January 12th and will be open until February 24th 2019.

In his rich and characteristic work the avowed urban citizen has so far preferred for his work subjects such as cities and bars at night and also landscapes. Now, Reinhard Stangl has mostly in a nearly erotic-appearing way dedicated himself to the floral motif. The often used black background of his pictures makes the strong colours of the flower details glow, often in a figurative, but sometimes also in an almost abstract way of painting. The beauties of nature are captured in a usually bright, but also in an isolated darker manner. They always seem to charm the viewer in a mysterious way.

Reinhard Stangl

REINHARD STANGL, born in Leipzig, studied painting from 1972 to 1977 at the College of Fine Arts, Dresden. Then he was active as a freelance painter in East Berlin. In 1980, Reinhard Stangl moved to Berlin-Kreuzberg. In 1986 he received a working scholarship of the Senator for Cultural Affairs, Berlin. In 1989 he became co-founder and lecturer of the first Berliner “Sommerakademie”. In 1990 he had a visiting professorship at the “Hochschule der Bildenden Künste”, Berlin. Then 1995 followed a visiting professorship at the “Hochschule der Künste”, Berlin. Reinhard Stangl (together with C. Jackob-Marks, H. Rolfes, H. Scheib) was nominated for the first price by the jury of the award “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”. The works of the painter have already been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions. His works are in public and private collections, such as Berlinische Galerie Berlin, Stiftung- Stadtmuseum Berlin, Collection Band Baden-Württemberg: City of Hannover, City of Weinheim: Dresdner Bank, Berlin: Weberbank, Berlin: Grundrealbank, Berlin: Collection County of Brandenburg: Sammlung Haberent, Berlin: Vereinsbank, Munich: Collection of BEWAG, Berlin: Investfondbank of Brandenburg: German Bundestag.

Reinhard Stangl lives and works freelance in Berlin and in the County of Brandenburg.

Vernissage: Saturday, 12th January 2019, 7:00 p.m., with an introduction by Manfred Giesler.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 12th January to Sunday, 24th February 2019

Zur Galerie mutare


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