here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Thermoses – Nefertiti

Thermoses (also known as Thutmose or Djehutimes) was an Egyptian sculptor during the time of Pharaoh Ikhnaton and his wife Nefertiti (around 1350 b.C. / 18. Dynasty / New Empire). The name of the artist is in connection with the title “Thermoses, favourite of the good gods, overseer of workers and sculptors”. The bust of […]

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Bust of Pericles

We see the head of Pericles with a Corinthian helmet. He was the statesman and leader of the military from Athens and was the ideal image of a war strategist. The marble bust was created as a copy from the original bronze statue, created by the Greek sculptor Kresilas. Four marble copies exist from the […]

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Wilhelm Leibl – Woman from Dachau with child

A woman in black, costume-like clothes is sitting in front of us. Her left arm is placed around a little child, both of which are wearing headgear. The woman’s headgear is made out of fur. The hands of the woman are adorned with gemmed rings, the chest region of her dress is embellished with silver […]

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Edouard Manet – Dans la Serre

The elegantly dressed Madame Guillemet is sitting in a pigeon blue coloured dress on a dark blue bench in a winter garden, with lush, green plants. She’s wearing a light yellow hat, with gloves that match the colour of the dress. She’s holding a light yellow umbrella in her right hand, that’s laying on her […]

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Adolph Menzel – Steel Rolling Mill

The portrayed interaction between man and machine impresses the observer in particular. Massive driving wheels, pistons, rollers, a variety of cables and connections, in between a great number of people manually operating the necessary machines. The picture almost looks like a swarm of ants. Around six men are standing in the centre of the picture. […]

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Jan Vermeer (van Delft) – Man and Woman drinking Wine

The glance falls into a room that is furnished with a table, a bench and two chairs. The table is covered in an expensive manufactured table cloth. A painting in a gold frame is hanging on the wall. A woman dressed in a fancy red dress is sitting on a chair opposite the window. The […]

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Boy with Thorn

The “Boy with Thorn” statue is 28.5 cm high. It was discovered during excavations at the Villa Aldobrandini in Rome. Only the torso of the original statue has been preserved. The head, arms, legs, stone and pedestal were completed by the sculptor Emil Wolff following the “Capitoline Boy with Thorn”, a 73-cm bronze figure from […]

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Peter Paul Rubens – The holy Sebastian

According to the legend, the Roman Kaiser Diocletian sentenced Sebastian, the officer of his guards and captain of the praetorian guards, to death around 228 after Christ. Sebastian cited himself as a Christian and apparently helped other Christians in distress. Sebastian was shot by archers but didn’t die. He was saved and cared for by […]

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Vincent van Gogh – The Harvest – for Emile Bernard

Vincent van Gogh managed to create a summerly landscape by using dots and lines. One has the feeling as if he’s working on his first draft, working on image composition. There are other variations of this drawing. The focal point and the pictured landscape stay the same, also the late summer harvest motif are reused. […]

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Hans Baldung – The Crucifixion of Christ

Hans Baldung impressively shows us his version of the Crucifixion of Christ. We see a very pale Christ on the cross, flanked by two other crucified men with twisted limbs. Baldung locates the event within his period, the Renaissance. The others present, the soldiers, Mary, the disciple John, Mary Magdalene at the foot of the […]

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