here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Jean Fouquet – The Melun Diptych

The piece of art is the left wing of the “Melun Diptych”, a two-winged panel. Portrayed is the artist’s employer, Etienne Chevaier alongside Saint Stephanus. It was created around 1456. The panel hung over the grave of Catherine Bude, the wife of Etienne Chevalier, in the collegiate church in Notre-Dame in Melun, France. The right […]

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Honore Daumier – Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa

Honoré Daumier’s paintings are less well known, as his name is rather more closely associated with his caricatures, which are considered timeless and universal due to their pointed, satirical character representations. Thus, it is not surprising to find a strongly exaggerated couple from the history of literature in this painting by Daumier: Don Quixote and […]

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Carl Spitzweg – Flying the Kite

The format of this picture is, apart from the main character, the first thing you notice. The picture only 12 cm wide and 38 cm high. The ratio of picture is laid out almost exactly 1:3. The contents of the picture also has the same ratio. A cloudless, light blue sky seemingly expands infinitely high […]

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Antoine Watteau – Embarkation to Kythera

Courting couples in magnificent Rococo garments are getting ready to set out or are expectantly boarding the ship waiting below the embankment. They are surrounded by fluttering cupids. The destination of the ship’s journey is the Greek Cythera, an authentic island south of the Peloponnese, which is considered the island of love. The Roman Goddess […]

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Auguste Renoir – En Été

Lise, Renoir’s lover from 1865 until 1871, is sitting in a relaxed position on a chair. Her long, dark hair is tied back with a red ribbon. Her curls fall down to her shoulders and arms. Her short sleeved white blouse has slipped off of her right shoulder. Her left hand is holding her right […]

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Adolph Menzel – Flute concert in Sanssouci

Adolph Menzel grants us a detailed insight of a cultural evening at the court of Friedrich the Great in the palace Sanssouci. Music is being played. The king himself is playing the flute. He is standing in the centre of the picture. To the right his chamber ensemble and to the left an audience of […]

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Lovis Corinth – Woman with Rose-Trimmed Hat

One sees the portrait of a woman who is the wife of the painter Charlotte Berend-Corinth (*1880 in Berlin, † 1967 in New York City). Her head is covered by a big hat with pink and purple petals. Her facial expression is a smile. Her glance falls to the right, past the observer. Charlotte placed […]

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Phillip Otto Runge – Wife and Son of the Artist

Pauline Runge, the wife of the artist, is carrying her son in her arms. She’s looking at her child, who is looking at the observer of the picture. He is holding a yellow fruit in his left hand and his right hand is laying of the breast of his mother. The classicist picture seems expressively […]

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Max Liebermann – Women plucking geese

Max Liebermann was still a student in Weimar when he painted “Women Plucking Geese”. Liebermann was influenced by a contemporary art piece from Mihály von Munkácsy, which shows “Flachspflücker” that he saw in Munkascy’s atelier in Düsseldorf. After he saw Munkascy’s painting, he started his own, his first big oil painting. He didn’t find recognition […]

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Girl in Tub

A naked woman in the bathtub is bending towards her prefixed right foot. She holds a towel to her hip with her left hand. Her hair is tied together on her head. Kirchner sketched the outline of the woman very gently with feather strokes and shading. Two years beforehand, in 1911, Kirchner already drew a […]

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