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Nina E. Schönefeld

Nina E. Schönefeld lives and works in Berlin. Her work is regularily shown in Galleries like Fata Morgana, SchauFenster and Larry’s SHOW.

Artistic Curriculum Vitae

Nina E. Schönefeld did her Master in Fine Art and her scientific PhD at Berlin University (UdK). During this time she has also lived in New York to do research work for her PhD. She moved to London and received scholarships at Central Saint Martins College and the Royal College of Art. Her strong interest in new artistic developments has resulted in many trips to different continents.

The installations and videos of Nina E. Schönefeld are primarily no works of aesthetics. They are the result of a dispute with avantgarde movements of the early 20th Century and recent political developments to reconstruct an aesthetic that will satisfy artistic reflection and socio-political conflict at the same time. “Art has no more interest to serve the state and religion. It wishes no longer to be an illustration of cultural history.“ (Malevich)

Her work is interdisciplinary: she works with installation, concept art, light, video and sculpture at the same time… She doesn’t care about artistic boundaries… There is an overall system of light sources (lamps, movement detectors etc.), sound systems (mixers etc.), electronic machines, video & computer screens and newly build sculptures and interiors…

The focus of Nina E. Schönefeld lies on political, social and digital changes in society… phenomena of abrupt shift… escape from political persecution, hacking attacks, nuclear accidents, dictatorships, freedom of speech and a free press… people who are radically different … the lives of hackers and preppers, Wikileaks members, NSA employees, data martyrs, political underdogs, hermits, cult members, extremists … the Darknet, Julien Assange, Edward Snowden, the blackout in NY, Chernobyl and Fukushima, the control center of the CIA, the Chaos Computer Club, North Korea, the right wing movement, Children of God, Suprematism, the Bauhaus, Zero, insular colonies, ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘The Wolfpack’, digital inventions and radical social networks …

Exhibitions (Selection)

  • 2015
    FÄLSCHUNG, Gruppenausstellung, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, kuratiert von Andreas Helfer
    YOU ARE THE ARTIST, The Shift, Freudenreich Neukölln, kuratiert von Karina Gutman…
    VIDEOS @Kingsize, 1 Year Last Night In Berlin, Künstlernacht von Martin Kwade
    BLACK SUN, Einzelausstellung, Thursday Show, kuratiert von Hannes Gruber
    SELFIE, Gruppenausstellung, SchauFenster, Berlin, kuratiert von Ekaterina Mitichkina
    CONTEMPORARY IN GERMANY, Benetton Collection group show, Venedig – Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, kuratiert von Peter Noever (MAK, Wien)
    LARRY’S END OF THE YEAR SHOW, Gruppenausstellung
  • 2016
    BLACK ISLAND WHITE STAR, Einzelausstellung, Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin, kuratiert von Sandra Ratkovic
    BLACK ISLAND WHITE STAR II, Einzelausstellung, Larry’s Show
    BEDSITTER ART FAIR, Gruppenausstellung, Wien, kuratiert von Barbara Sturm
    CATALOGUE RELEASE EXHIBITION ‪@Raum Fuer Drastische Massnahmen
    CAR PARK, Gruppenausstellung, SchauFenster Gallery, kuratiert von Nina E. Schönefeld & Hannes Gruber
    1 YEAR WEDNESDAY SHOW, Gruppenausstellung
    SOME DEMONSTRATIONS von Charly Stein, Gruppenausstellung/Performance, Manifestina (initiiert durch Maurizio Cattelan), Zürich

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