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Stef Heidhues

Prologue | Stef, imagine if the pandemic did not dominate our lives at the moment and we could meet in your home or in your studio. Where do we talk together? We would meet in my studio in berlin Wedding. 3rd floor, industrial building, a view onto brick buildings and roofs. Right now my studio is rather empty. Since feb11 my solo show at Eigen+Art in berlin is up, so a lot of works went there, obviously. But there are unfinished works, finds and just material lying around, and one wall is covered with partly well organized and partly randomly stuffed shelves. Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place? Probably we are. Any place in my studio is a favorite place. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I was born in Washington DC in 1975 and lived the first 8 years of my life in the US.. Where do you currently live and work? In Berlin. Which stations and people have shaped you? In relation to my work certainly the most influential encounter was studying with Franz Erhard Walther at the University of fine arts in Hamburg. On a personal level I’ve certainly been shaped by a number of people who I am close with, some losses as well as by the fact that I am an identical twin. Which writers do you currently find exciting and which books are on your bookshelf? Mary Karr, Sally Rooney and Rachel Cusk, Maya Angelou, Joan Didion I read and liked last year. Which books have influenced or shaped you? Ronja Räubertochter and Die Brüder Löwenherz by Astrid Lindgren. Irre by Reinald Goetz. Garten Eden by Hemingway. Die Verklärung des Gewöhnlichen by Arthur C Danto. America by Jean Baudrillard. What are you currently reading and where do you keep the book? I‘m currently reading …

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Image caption: Stef Heidhues, Photo: Kerstin Müller



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