post-title Konstantin Bayer | | Galerie Eigenheim | 13.02.-06.03.2016

Konstantin Bayer | | Galerie Eigenheim | 13.02.-06.03.2016

Konstantin Bayer | | Galerie Eigenheim | 13.02.-06.03.2016

Konstantin Bayer | | Galerie Eigenheim | 13.02.-06.03.2016

until 06.03. | #0400ARTatBerlin | Galerie Eigenheim shows from the 13th Februar 2016 the exhibition “” with installations, objects and imageobjects by Konstantin Bayer.

The artworks in this exhibition and the associated website consists exclusively of consumer goods that can be purchased at These goods can be ordered directly on through a shopping cart linked with Afterwards, they will be delivered to your home and be built by you, using a manual provided by the artist. You will pay only the delivery fee for the products – the artist is not obtaining any monetary gain.

Now it´s your turn! Take your time, invite some friends or surprise your child with a special kind of hobby-time amusement and assemble a work of art by yourself with the help of the manual! Once this is done, make a picture of the replica and forward it to the artist via email. If the artist accepts your work as a replica according to the manual, you then receive one of the 5 available certificates of authenticity delivered to you by post. If there are already 5 certificates sent out, you were too late! 

Only as you get within touching distance of the materials will you feel yourself fully aware of its content. The smell of bitumen, the tactility of concrete, melting plastic cups, cutting, sawing and drilling, the handling of simple electrical circuits and many more activities will enrich your everyday life with a truly exciting experience. Your participation in the work of art, claimed by the artist, whether on an intellectual or sensory experience level, arises new kinds of depth in the public and private discourse.

Society is involved in a chain of dependency of both growth and destruction. The artificial scarcity of various commodities stabilizes the value of such goods; while trends, product cycles and shelf lives are artificially shortened. Everything appears to be commodified and at all times, luxury and extravagance, a blend of Love, Money and Fame or I don‘t care are actual guiding principles of our everyday actions.  The culture of human beings has been lost in the laws of the market, which is why the artist is in search of new value-added processes. Through the artistic process, through composition and compilation, the individual consumption items become part of the beauty. In doing this, an aestheticization of the evil takes place, similar to a distorted picture of reality. The end result of this is the appreciation and trivialization of each product. What results from this unique, interactive concept is a playful and at the same time profound criticism of the handling of market-oriented processes around us.

Vernissage: Saturday, 13th February 2016, from 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 13th February 2016 – Sunday, 06th March 2016 

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Image caption: Konstantin Bayer – Eisberg auf Luftpolster in Flussbett

Konstantin Bayer Exhibition – Galerie Eigenheim – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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