here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 


until 01.05. | #3401ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE and MOMENTUM Berlin show from Friday, 8th April 2022 (Opening: 07.04.) the exhibition POINTS OF RESISTANCE IV: SKILLS FOR PEACE at the Zionskirche. Curated by Constanze Kleiner, Daniel Marzona, Rachel Rits-Volloch and Stephan von Wiese in colaboration with David Elliott. Since the beginnings of human civilization, survival skills have […]

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VOM FRESSEN UND PICKEN | Group Show | KLEINERVONWIESE | 30.10.-19.11.2021

until (to be announced) | #3216ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE presents from 30th October 2021 the group exhibition “Vom Fressen und Picken. Von Lastenbären, Tiefseeteufeln und anderen Distelfinken (> Of eating and pecking. Of Cargo Bears, Deep-Sea Devils and Other Goldfinches)”. On show are works by Sonja Baeger, Kerstin Dzewior, Stefan Höller, Andrea Lehmann, Stefan Rinck, Oliver […]

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ENDLESS SUMMER | Group Show | KLEINERVONWIESE | 13.08.-03.09.2021

until 03.09. | #3122ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE shows from 13th August 2021 the group show ENDLESS SUMMER with works by twelve artists. On display are works by Christian Achenbach, Steve Binetti, Claus Brunsmann, Andreas Blank, Kerstin Dzewior, Louisa Dzewior, Daniel Grüttner, Anne Jungjohann, Mk Kähne, Kerstin Serz, Nanae Suzuki and Johannes Vetter. “The world is full […]

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FRANEK | Ist hier ein Nashorn im Raum? | KLEINERVONWIESE | 01.05.-30.06.2021

until 30.06. | #3067ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE currently presents the solo exhibition IST HIER EIN NASHORN IM RAUM? (> IS A RHINON IN THE ROOM?) with works by the artist FRANEK. This is the fourth exhibition at the gallery’s new refuge in the so-called “Triangle” at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin-Mitte. Since the dawn of the Corona Age, […]

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POINTS OF RESISTANCE | KLEINERVONWIESE @Zionskirche | 04.04.-26.04.2021

until 26.04. | #3004ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE ad MOMENTUM Berlin present from Easter Sunday, 4 April 2021 the exhibition POINTS OF RESISTANCE in the Zionskirche (Zion Church) and in the KLEINERVONWIESE Gallery. Artists AES+F, Chrissy Angliker, Inna Artemova, Lutz Becker, Tom Biber, Andreas Blank, Anina Brisolla, Claus Brunsmann, Claudia Chaseling, Chto Delat, Brad Downey, Thomas Draschan, […]

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Paradise | Works by and around Michael Buthe | KLEINERVONWIESE | 27.11.-31.12.2020 – extended until 28.02.2021

extended until 28.02. | #2927ARTatBerlin | KLEINERVONWIESE shows from 27th November 2020 at enter art airshop opas Nr 1 the group show Paradise with works by and around Michael Buthe. Participating artists: Michael Buthe, Nasser Almulhim, Andreas Blank, Klaus vom Bruch, David Krippendorff, Stefan Kürten, Marcel Odenbach, Manfred Peckl, Angelika Platen, Stephan Rinck, Ulrike Rosenbach, […]

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