post-title Helmut Newton: “Fräulein…” | KICKEN BERLIN | until 28.08.2015

Helmut Newton: “Fräulein…” | KICKEN BERLIN | until 28.08.2015

Helmut Newton: “Fräulein…” | KICKEN BERLIN | until 28.08.2015

Helmut Newton: “Fräulein…” | KICKEN BERLIN | until 28.08.2015

until 28.08. | #0097ARTatBerlin | KICKEN BERLIN presents fotografies by Helmut Newton until 28th August 2015. Helmut Newton created a special kind of imagery of women: self-conscious and firmly individual, erotic and sophisticated. Berlin’s interwar elegance which he experienced in his early years, laid the fundaments for his signature style.

A notion of old-school, yet tongue-in-cheek, courtoisie resonates in Newton’s manner of addressing women in German as „Fräulein“, Miss, which gave our presentation its title. From 1970s fashion icons to his seminal 1980s Big Nudes or the towering Sie kommen figures and the mildly mocking Domestic Nudes, Newton gave distinction to the sophisticated nude. This becomes also evident in the work Playboy magazine commissioned from the grandmaster of eroticism for over thirty years. Photography has played an essential role in the success of Playboy, and Newton was an important part of it. With an eye for surreal tableaux vivants and secretly disturbing atmospheres, he added new dimensions to the usual centerfold. Whether in the Hollywood Hills or cultivated Parisian interiors, Newton tirelessly staged his own sensual narratives.

Ausstellungsdaten: noch bis Freitag, 28.08.2015

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Helmut Newton – KICKEN BERLIN – Kunst in Berlin ART@Berlin

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