post-title Astrid Busch, DAG, Tina Haber, Teresa Mayr | FANTÔME SHOW 2023 | Laura Mars Gallery | 19.08.-09.09.2023

Astrid Busch, DAG, Tina Haber, Teresa Mayr | FANTÔME SHOW 2023 | Laura Mars Gallery | 19.08.-09.09.2023

Astrid Busch, DAG, Tina Haber, Teresa Mayr | FANTÔME SHOW 2023 | Laura Mars Gallery | 19.08.-09.09.2023

Astrid Busch, DAG, Tina Haber, Teresa Mayr | FANTÔME SHOW 2023 | Laura Mars Gallery | 19.08.-09.09.2023

until 09.09.| #3988ARTatBerlin | Laura Mars Gallery shows from 19. August 2023 (Opening: 18.08.) the group exhibition FANTÔME SHOWS 2023 of the artists Astrid Busch, DAG, Tina Haber and Teresa Mayr.

Fantôme Show 2023, showcasing the latest publications from the Fantôme Verlag. Four artists – Astrid Busch, DAG, Teresa Mayr and Tina Haber – will be exhibiting their works, including drawings, installations, and editions that explore the concept of a changing space. Through the versatile use of analogue and digital forms, they create new connections that show historical and personal contexts.

ART at Berlin - Laura Mars Gallery - astridbuschAstrid Busch “world in minds”, 2022 (Installationsansicht) publiziert in Astrid Busch – World in Minds, Fantôme Vol. 76

Astrid Buschs works include installations, photographs, works on paper, objects, and moving images. The starting point of her works are usually architectural designs or places that she examines for their sensory perceptibility and their impact on people. Her motifs reference pre-existing and self-generated images, which are transformed, modified in dimensions and then translated onto various image carriers in the room under complex lighting conditions. This is how she makes the different spaces she looks at experienceable on different atmospheric levels. Based on her research on four international harbours she summarizingly created the book world of minds.

The works from DAGs catalogue extrafein are characterized by the analogue, drawing-based approach on old paper taken from a 1960s paper factory`s pattern book. He integrates writing-like, geometric, repetitive drawing elements into the pre-printed lines on the paper samples. Using technical aids, he creates an atmosphere reminiscent of mapping or music scores, creating unique artworks with autobiographical references.

ART at Berlin - Laura Mars Gallery - tinahaberTina Haber Spot, 2020 Risografie (Rot) 30×40 cm publiziert in: Tina Haber – Schlossbesuch, Fantôme Vol. 76

Tina Haber presents a selection of experimental digital drawings from her booklet Schlossbesuch, which was published as a limited risograph edition. In the series, created between 2020 and 2022, she experiments with the arrangement and layering of transparent colour surfaces and designs abstract entities that have a vague spatiality. The link between architectural elements, landscape details and personal past creates an exciting dialogue between inner imagination and visual representation of spatial situations

ART at Berlin - Laura Mars Gallery - teresamayrTeresa Mayr Zeichnung aus horsetails (Pferdeschwänze), 2022 Bleistift und Marker auf Papier 30,2 x 41,7 cm publiziert in:
Teresa Mayr – horsetails (Pferdeschwänze), Fantôme Vol. 73

In the google earth bookTeresa Mayr assembles drawings that capture everything that happens on a computer screen when you scroll, switch tabs, or interact in other ways. . In this way, she brings the digital and analog worlds together in a fascinating way. Consequently, Mayr’s drawings do not present a unified visual space, but rather fragments of different screen surfaces, that come together: a view from Google Earth, a WhatsApp message, an Instagram post, a text file, the result of an image search. These and much more can appear on the same sheet, even overlap, making us aware of the differing content one can encounter almost simultaneously on a screen.

Opening: Friday, 18. August 2022 from 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 19. August until Saturday, 9. September 2023

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Image caption: DAG Morgen / Morning, 2022 Buntstift und Marker auf liniertem Musterpapier 21 x 29,7 cm publiziert in: DAG – extrafein, Fantôme Vol. 78

Group exhibition Fantôme Show – Laura Mars Gallery | Zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Galerien | ART at Berlin

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