post-title Galleries – open or closed in November + December 2020?

Galleries – open or closed in November + December 2020?

Galleries – open or closed in November + December 2020?

Galleries – open or closed in November + December 2020?

With today’s start of the partial lockdown in November, we are receiving more and more questions about which gallery, cultural institution or museum in Berlin is currently still open. With this brief overview we would like to help you find out:

Galleries: may open!
Galleries where the sale of art takes place are considered to be retailers. As a result, they are allowed to open in strict compliance with current hygiene rules for the protection of all.
The main objectives of these protective measures are the reduction of contacts, compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 metres and the maximum number of persons permitted in the respective area (that’s currently 10 m² per person, by the way, the staff is not to be included), the control of access, the avoidance of queues, sufficient ventilation in the closed room and the assurance of contact tracking by means of appropriate measures. The wearing of a mouth-nose cover is obligatory for all.

The current permissibility of opening galleries selling art has been confirmed to us by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses, as well as the data on the number of square metres and the non-inclusion of staff in the count.

PLEASE NOTE: As we cannot speak for all galleries in general, we ask you to contact the respective gallery directly for information about the visit modalities before your planned visit.

Museums, cultural institutions + municipal galleries: are closed!
This refers explicitly to public and private venues that are concerned with the mediation of art and educational content and not with the sale of art.
These venues may not be opened to the public until 30 November 2020.

The currently valid regulations (SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance) can be read HERE.


Image caption: hilleckes probst galerie, GAMA, Exhibition view Fremdwald

Status: 02.11.2020

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