here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Bertold Mathes | Ausrichtung | Galerie1214 | 02.03.-21.03.2019

until 21.03. | #2371ARTatBerlin | Galerie1214 shows from 2nd March 2019 works by artist Bertold Mathes (*1957, Waldkraiburg and Berlin). Mathes’ paintings and drawings are addressing basic themes, basic forms and basic colors in an attitude of openness and strictness at the same time. The colourfulness of the images and the metabolism of the graphic […]

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Nicole Wendel | bebop | galerie1214 | 01.02.-27.02.2019

until 27.02. | #2348ARTatBerlin | Galerie1214 presents from 1st February 2019 the exhibition bebop by the artist Nicole Wendel. As an artist and draughtswoman, Nicole Wendel develops her work more and more consistently as research on the perceptive and active body in space. For Wendel, two-dimensional drawing and performance have become two complementary instruments of […]

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Isabelle Borges | The Garden of Forking Paths | galerie1214 | 10.11.-30.11.2018

until 30.11. | #2254ARTatBerlin | galerie1214 shows from 10th November 2018 the solo exhibition The Garden of Forking Paths by the Berlin-based Brazilian painter Isabelle Borges. GALERIE1214 presents Berlin-based Brazilian painter Isabelle Borges in a solo exhibition. With her decisive position for an abstraction, that feeds on experiences in the practical world, she has been following a […]

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Jessica Buhlmann | Waves Hints Offset | Galerie1214 | 27.09.-26.10.2018

until 26.10. | 2200ARTatBerlin| Galerie1214 shows from 27th September the exhibition “Waves Hints Offset” by the artist Jessica Buhlmann. For Art Week 2018, she is setting a new, sculptural milestone with colorful objects and installations. Since her discovery and distinction with the prize at art Karlsruhe 2013, Jessica Buhlmann has been broadening her painterly cosmos. […]

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Roland Dostal | Linie Fläche Raum | galerie1214 | 26.07.-31.08.2018

until 31.08. | #2068ARTatBerlin | galerie1214 presents from 26th July 2018 the exhibition „Linie Fläche Raum“ by the artist Roland Dostal. In the framework of the opening on Thursday, 26th July, 6:30 pm, an artist talk with Roland Dostal will take place. The work of Roland Dostal is carried out at the intersection of different positions, cultures […]

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Come from painting | Gruppenausstellung | galerie1214 | 01.07.-22.07.2018

until 22.07. | #2082ARTatBerlin | galerie1214 shows since 1st July 2018 in the group show „Come from painting“ positions and developments of pictorial motifs by artists of the gallery. Uta Reinhardt’s “Zwei” (Two, 2010, provenience Collection Gunzenhauser) offers seemingly pure figuration, which grows in fact out of the configuration of colours in a clear schema. Uta […]

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Marie Irmgard | Savage Glitter II: Interiors + Territories | galerie1214 | 01.06.-22.06.2018

until 22.06 | #2038ARTatBerlin | galerie1214 shows from 1st June 2018 the exhibition „Savage Glitter II: Interiors & Territories“ by Danish artist Marie Irmgard. An artist talk with Marie Irmgard will take place on Friday 1st of June at 6:30 pm. Marie Irmgard (*1976 in Copenhagen), Studies in English Literature, Art history and Art, graduated […]

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Stefan Kees + Bernhard Strauss | Shadows Images Tears | galerie1214 | 24.02.-24.03.2018

until 24.03. | #1901ARTatBerlin | galerie1214 currently shows the exhibition “Shadows Images Tears ” with objects (paper, mixed media) the artist Stefan Kees and photographs by the artist Bernhard Strauss. Ludwig Wittgenstein starts his first work Tractatus logico philosophicus with this sentence: “The world is everything that is the case.” It is followed by a […]

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