post-title UNMASKED #1 | aquabitArt Galerie | 15.04.-04.05.2021

UNMASKED #1 | aquabitArt Galerie | 15.04.-04.05.2021

UNMASKED #1 | aquabitArt Galerie | 15.04.-04.05.2021

UNMASKED #1 | aquabitArt Galerie | 15.04.-04.05.2021

until 04.05. | #3027ARTatBerlin | aquabitArt Galerie currently presents the exhibition UNMASKED #1 with works by the gallery artists Margaret Hunter, Annette Selle and Hugo Stuber, curated by Irina Ilieva.

UNMASKED #1 is the first exhibition in the UNMASKED series with works by Margaret Hunter, Annette Selle and Hugo Stuber. In UNMASKED, gallery artists come together for a dialogue that has not happened before in this constellation.
The fact that the exhibition takes place in a very striking time for our society is reflected in the name.
UNMASKED can be associated with many things – dropping the mask, showing one’s true face, revealing oneself, but also with crossing boundaries and discovering the feeling of liberation.

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED#1_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 1
UNMASKED#1, aquabitArt gallery, Exhibition view, 2021, Photo: René Löffler

The special perspective in Christoph Tannert’s text, which places the exhibition in a global context, provides in its complete version background information on the works and the artists’ careers. As an essential part of the exhibition concept, the text is given a well-lit window display and offers inspiring reading.

Hugo Stuber, Personalities Unmasked, (various personalities),
Colour print on Alu-Dibond, 48 x 45 cm, 2021,
each net 310,92 + 59,08 (19% VAT) 370 EUR, Photo: René Löffler

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED1_MargaretHunter_Dance2004_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 4
Margaret Hunter, Dance, Oil on Canvas, without frame, 100 x 80 cm, 2004,
nett 6.722,69 + 1.277,31 (19% VAT) 8.000 EUR, Photo: René Löffler

ART at Berlin - MargaretHunter_Drawings-Monoprints_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler
Margaret Hunter, 2016-2021, Monoprints, Drawings,
each nett 336,13 + 63,87 (19% VAT) 425 EUR (with frame), Photo: René Löffler

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED1_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 6
UNMASKED#1, aquabitArt gallery, Exhibition view, 2021, Photo: René Löffler

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED1_Jenseits_Conserving-Links_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 3
left: Annette Selle, Jenseits, Oil on Canvas, without frame, 80 x 130 cm, 2020, nett 3,529,41 + 670,59 (19% VAT) 4.200 EUR
right: Margaret Hunter, Conserving Links, Mixed Media, with frame, 82 x 59 cm, 2020, nett 5.000,00 + 950,00 (19% VAT) 5.950 EUR, Photo: René Löffler

For the duration of the exhibition, artist talks will take place ONLINE and the series “2 minutes for ART” will provide a brief insight into the work of each artist.

“UNMASKED #1 surprises us as members of the “Generation Mask” with depth and a subtleness, which understands human failure in the present in its existential dimension – formally stylish and well-tempered.”

– Christoph Tannert, April 2021

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED1_AnnetteSelle_Blauer-Schwarm2019_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 7
Annette Selle, Blauer Schwarm, Oil on Cnavas, without frame., 140 x 160 cm, 2019,
nett 4.957,98 + 942,02 (19% VAT) 5.900 EUR, Photo: René Löffler

ART at Berlin - 2021_UNMASKED1_AnnetteSelle_Blue-Memories2020_aquabitArt_Foto_Rene-Loeffler - 8
Annette Selle, Blue Memories, Triptych, Oil on Canvas, without frame, 140 x 240 cm, 2020,
nett 6.386,55 + 1.213,45 (19% VAT) 7.600 EUR, Photo: René Löffler

With the friendly support of Neustart Kultur and Stiftung Kunstfonds.
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Opening: Thursday, 15 April 2021 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 15 April – Tuesday, 4 May 2021, Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 8 p.m., by appointment only.

Hygiene measures for visits by appointment

  • A maximum of 1 visitor is allowed in the gallery spaces at a time.
  • The attendance list is obligatory. Before you enter, please indicate your contact (first and last name, telephone number, full address or e-mail address, time of presence).
    The contact details will be destroyed after 4 weeks.
  • FFP2 masks and negative COVID test are mandatory, as well as a friendly distance of 2 m to each other inside and in front of the gallery.
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