post-title TRUE GRIT | OPEN WALLS Gallery | 01.09.-21.10.2017

TRUE GRIT | OPEN WALLS Gallery | 01.09.-21.10.2017

TRUE GRIT | OPEN WALLS Gallery | 01.09.-21.10.2017

TRUE GRIT | OPEN WALLS Gallery | 01.09.-21.10.2017

until 31.10. | #1603ARTatBerlin | OPEN WALLS Gallery presents since the 1st September 2017 the exhibition “TRUE GRIT”.

TRUE GRIT Exhibition feat. Jordan Seiler & Vermibus

As one of the most diverse contemporary art movements, Street Art has branched into many styles and forms over the past decades. Although many still view it as one universe, it is actually a difficult phenomenon to define, while a relatively small theoretical circle around it mainly preserves an inclusive outlook. Such a miscellaneous nature of Street Art, additionally aided and promoted by the picture-loving social media channels, often loses its focus and proposes eye-catching visuals as values of this world. The truth is, in fact, different, since the true grit of the art created in public environment lies in idea and action, in exactly the same way it does with other, widely theoretically acclaimed forms of contemporary art.

“True Grit” exhibition presents works by two artists who possess the integrity of concept and the bravery to act in public space. Displayed in parallel, Jordan Seiler and Vermibus are selected as exemplary representatives of the contemporary public art scene, coming from a distinct realm of street art activism. Although aesthetically specific, their respective expressions provide a sea of information beyond the imagery, inviting the observer to wander and ask questions about their work and its purpose. While Jordan Seiler approaches public art through installing abstract visuals in places of advertisements thus isolating the world from such forms of marketing, Vermibus emphasizes the harm and impact of such advertisements by conducting a similar act.

Exhibition period: Friday, 1st September until Tuesday, 31st October 2017

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Image caption: Jordan Seiler and Vermibus – Berlin, 2015 – Photo by ©Mark Rigney

Exhibition: TRUE GRIT – OPEN WALLS Gallery | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin

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