post-title Simone Haack | Andere Ufer | Köppe Contemporary | 01.04.-20.05.2023

Simone Haack | Andere Ufer | Köppe Contemporary | 01.04.-20.05.2023

Simone Haack | Andere Ufer | Köppe Contemporary | 01.04.-20.05.2023

Simone Haack | Andere Ufer | Köppe Contemporary | 01.04.-20.05.2023

until 20.05. | #3821ARTatBerlin | Köppe Contemporary presents the exhibition Andere Ufer from April 1, 2023 (Opening: March 31) by artist Simone Haack.

Other shores, is the title of the upcoming exhibition by Simone Haack at Köppe Contemporary Gallery. Among other things, the Berlin artist will present current landscape motifs and figure paintings.

“My landscapes are constructed, fictional landscapes, which not only function as a stage for my ‘pictorial personnel’, but also increasingly develop a life of their own. Just like my figures, the ‘fictional portraits’, they do not depict any real existing models in the temporal or local sense.

Simone Haack – Wetlands, 2023, Oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

They are more about ideas, clichés or even utopias of landscapes and also about inner spaces. Partly they take on hybrid forms, partly they lead a life of their own. In them, the figurative becomes essential. My fictional landscapes move in the border area to classical genre classifications – to the figurative, the still life, the classical landscape painting or to the portrait, for example,” says the artist herself.

Painterly elements, such as the suggestive staging of her portraits through lighting effects that often cast a harsh light and strong drop shadows, or the oscillation between concrete reality and imaginary scenarios or the dream are virtually picture-determining for the artist’s œuvre. Paradoxes as well as wondrous metamorphoses and transformations or even leading into the unknown are recurring elements in her motifs.

ART at Berlin - Köppe Contemporary - Simone Haack-min copySimone Haack – Family, 2022, Oil on canvas, 130 x 90 cm 

Simone Haack’s works are never real images of our everyday reality. The artist juxtaposes the outside world with fantastic sceneries – counter-worlds, worlds of rapture, including motifs of sleep and dreams as well as levitation, for example.

“I give as much space to the uncanny and intangible in my pictorial world as I do to the absurd, irony, humor, and beauty. An ambivalence in the pictorial expression and the ‘readability’ of my pictures is important to me. It is true that horror and disaster are also hinted at in my pictures. But this never shows itself directly, but exclusively in inklings,” the artist explains.

“I paint fictional, suggestive portraits. I have always had the vision of a pictorial language that works with the means of realism, but nevertheless does not depict reality, but forms a kind of parallel track to it,” Simone Haack described her pictorial concept in an interview (2012).

Text: André Lindhorst, 2023

Opening: Friday, 31. March 2023 , 7 pm – 10pm

Exhibition dates : From Saturday, 1. April to Saturday, 20. Mai 2023

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Caption title: Simone Haack – Expectation, Oil on canvas

Exhibition Simone Haack – Köppe Contemporary | Zeitgenössische Kunst | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Galerien Berlin | ART at Berlin

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