post-title Shingo Francis + Bodo Korsig | lost in paradise | Galerie SCHMALFUSS BERLIN | 23.04.-21.05.2022

Shingo Francis + Bodo Korsig | lost in paradise | Galerie SCHMALFUSS BERLIN | 23.04.-21.05.2022

Shingo Francis + Bodo Korsig | lost in paradise | Galerie SCHMALFUSS BERLIN | 23.04.-21.05.2022

Shingo Francis + Bodo Korsig | lost in paradise | Galerie SCHMALFUSS BERLIN | 23.04.-21.05.2022

until 21.05. | #3439ARTatBerlin | Galerie SCHMALFUSS BERLIN presents from 23. April 2022 the duo-exhibition „lost in paradise“ with paintings by Shingo Francis and objects, drawings and installations by Bodo Korsig.

Shingo Francis is best known for his purist and abstract paintings that seem to change color depending on their interaction with light. We experience spherical landscapes and geometric shapes that almost radiate an inner enlightenment.

Bodo Korsig’s artistic work includes drawings, spatial installations, objects and videos. The focus of his art is the theme of human behavior patterns under extreme conditions. In our exhibition the artist will present objects and installations made of various materials as well as drawings on paper.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Schmalfuss Berlin - BODO KORSIG - lost in thought
Bodo Korsig, lost in thought, 2020, Aluminium, Öl, Lack, 80 x 80 x 5 cm

The exhibition „lost in paradise“ at the gallery SCHMALFUSS BERLIN captivates with an exciting dialogue between two exceptional artists, who have known each other since 1995, are friends and inspire each other. “Both of us move frequently between Asia, Europe and America, both professionally and privately; moreover, in addition to our passion for art and travel, we are also united by our common fascination for surfing,” says Bodo Korsig. The internationally renowned artists have already realized numerous exhibitions together, including in the USA, in Japan, in Germany as well as in Switzerland. As different as their works may be, they complement each other perfectly.

Shingo Francis was born in 1969 in Santa Monica, California, the son of the artist Sam Francis, a major exponent of Informalism and Abstract Expressionism, and his mother Mako Idemitsu, a well-known media artist from Japan. Early on, he countered the influence and inspiration of both his parents with a visual language all his own. “He penetrates further and is a very independent and sensitive artist, you can feel in his spherical images that he has also internalized Asian philosophies” says gallery owner Michael W. Schmalfuß. Which may also be due to the fact that Shingo Francis spent some time in a Zen monastery as a student.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Schnmalfuss Berlin - SHINGO FRANCIS - Illumination (violet-emerald)
Shingo Francis – Illumination (violet emerald), 2022, Öl auf Leinwand, 53 x 53 cm

Bodo Korsig was born in 1962 in Zwickau and lives and works in Trier and New York. He works across media and uses different techniques. Sometimes he resorts to unconventional means such as street rollers to print extremely large-scale woodcuts or he creates oversized interactive video installations. Driven by the question of the structures of human perception and behavior, the artist has been primarily concerned with neuroscience and behavioral research in his works for over two decades. “Bodo Korsig is a quite exciting artist, a critical mind with a free view” says gallery owner Michael W. Schmalfuß. “He reduces and finds forms that stand for the brain, for our ability to think.”

Opening: Saturday, 23. April 2022, noon to 8:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 23. April to Saturday, 21. May 2022

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Image caption title: Bodo Korsig, lost in paradise, 2022, Öl auf Papier, 47 x 38 cm

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