post-title NEWS ++ Night Swimming | SCOTTY | 18.11.–23.12.2023

NEWS ++ Night Swimming | SCOTTY | 18.11.–23.12.2023

NEWS ++ Night Swimming | SCOTTY | 18.11.–23.12.2023

NEWS ++ Night Swimming | SCOTTY | 18.11.–23.12.2023

Using the means of painting, sculpture, photography and collage, the exhibition Night Swimming at SCOTTY from 18 November 2023 will shed light on the role of material in the translation and documentation of records and information. The participating artists use a variety of materials to track the accumulation of time or capture fleeting moments and events. This results in works that can be both memorabilia and translations, and together form an archive of fluctuating objects, snapshots and material or visual accumulations. The title of the exhibition, “Night Swimming”, alludes to the experience of having to find one’s way in a dark and vast space while only being able to perceive what is in the immediate vicinity. The memory of spaces that were once seen in the light, the instability of buoyancy and the constant movement when swimming in the dark reflect the disorientation and vulnerability of memory in the works in the exhibition. Clear understanding seems close enough to touch, but eludes us like a world veiled by water and darkness.

Atkinson collects and preserves the debris of the Californian wildfires in neat epoxy cubes, capturing a chaotic natural trauma in a minimal object. The smooth attractive surface of the cube stands in sharp contrast to the destruction revealed to the viewer. The cubes function as time capsules in which the plants, animals and structures that perished in the fire are preserved in the form of …

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Image above: Christine Atkinson, A Story you have already heard, 2023, courtesy Scotty

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