post-title Moritz Wehrmann | temporal matters | Galerie Eigenheim | 11.03.-10.04.2016

Moritz Wehrmann | temporal matters | Galerie Eigenheim | 11.03.-10.04.2016

Moritz Wehrmann | temporal matters | Galerie Eigenheim | 11.03.-10.04.2016

Moritz Wehrmann | temporal matters | Galerie Eigenheim | 11.03.-10.04.2016

until 10.04. | #0455ARTatBerlin | The gallery Eigenheim currently shows the exhibition “temporal matters” by the artist Moritz Wehrmann.

Temporality is moving in at Eigenheim Gallery: From the 11.03. – 10.04.2016 Moritz Wehrmann is going to place, install and show a selection of his works.

One steps in front of the works, or into the installations, explores and listens. Who is hallucinating whom here? Who is triggering what?
No space without its specific time. This is also true for the temporary conditions which are created in correspondence with the visitors: the characteristic of Wehrmann’s works lays, before all, in their temporal horizons and unique phenomenotechnique of his artistic production. Rhythms, inter- vals, complex circuits, expanded as well as limited situations open up a wide variety of time levels, through which you can explore his work. One listens in contradiction to oneself, or see ones own face of the other. It is a rich toolkit of elaborate mimetic reproduction techniques that works for Wehrmann on the hinge of experiential constellations. It is as well their precarious history at the threshold of art and science, which he tell here and now with new forms of expressions.

Wehrmann’s approach is quite simple: he experiments. At the same time he turns the silent observers into loud subjects of themselves. Questions of interpretation seems to be not central, as the perception itself is questioned fundamentally. You can only be sure that something happens, and works on you. Past is, what comes back as something else. It becomes, passes and remains in the end, only what one is able to make of it.

The instruments and seeing apparatuses demand a change of perspective. They question the sensory and often also the social images of handed-down and unreflected correlations. Assumptions are electronically, photographically or audio-visually led into the intermediate realm of thinking. A thinking that opens the view and allows to look differently on things and their material and temporal conditions.

Wehrmanns experimental arrangements between object/subject, image/Abbild (after-image), inside/ outside create over time impressive episodes of doubt. Doubt that stays with you, even seems to grow each time you face the artworks. What do we see? What do we believe? What will remain of subject and world?

Vernissage: Friday, 11th March 2016, from 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 11th March to Sunday, 10th April 2016

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Image caption: Alter Ego, Version II, Dokumentationsvideo, Weimar 2013

Exhibition Moritz Wehrmann – Galerie Eigenheim – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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