post-title Michael Dreyer | Anpassungsarbeiten | Aanant + Zoo | 30.04.-18.06.2016

Michael Dreyer | Anpassungsarbeiten | Aanant + Zoo | 30.04.-18.06.2016

Michael Dreyer | Anpassungsarbeiten | Aanant + Zoo | 30.04.-18.06.2016

Michael Dreyer | Anpassungsarbeiten | Aanant + Zoo | 30.04.-18.06.2016

until 18.06. | #0550ARTatBerlin | Aanant & Zoo currently shows the exhibition “Anpassungsarbeiten” by the artist Michael Dreyer.

“By now discourses no longer only depict works of art. They pervade the sphere of contemporary art and thereby create nodes or deposits which in turn can become the origin of art practices. Michael Dreyer is exploring this sphere. His works cling to discursive knowledge, they thrive in the referential without ever being absorbed by it. For the referential already indicates a type of knowledge that always refers to something literal. (…) Instead of aiming for successful shapes and works, behind which the intention of the artist would get lost, it is all about showing these intentions within the excessive accumulation of knowledge as a desire to make and justify decisions. Those, however, must not end up being too obvious in order to prevent a canonization that would undermine the status of such highlighted knowledge again. It is all about cultivating a form of obsession, of abundance and of constitutive digression. It is the only way that the desire for recognition can at the same time appear as its own subversion. Knowledge and material remain in their immediacy, and with them and by means of them the adaption to discourses and the art scene’s obligation to stay topical turn into cognitive adaption training or adaption work. Michael Dreyer’s works therefore are not simply “artistic works”. They deal with the conditions and requirements of being an artist.” (Helmut Draxler)

Michael Dreyer “Theorie und Plastik”
published by Helmut Draxler
with contributions from Barbara Buchmaier, Kai van Eikels and Felix Ensslin
at Verbrecher Verlag Berlin
will be released accompanying the exhibition at the gallery.

Vernissage: Friday, 29th April 2016, 6 – 9 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 30th April to Saturday, 18th June 2016

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Image caption: Michael Dreyer, Coolie Loach Hiding Holes 1 bis 6, 1990/2015

Exhibition Michael Dreyer – Aanant & Zoo – Kunst in Berlin Art at Berlin

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