post-title Martin Rupprecht + Arndt von Diepenbroick | Galerie Mutare | 30.06.-11.08.2018

Martin Rupprecht + Arndt von Diepenbroick | Galerie Mutare | 30.06.-11.08.2018

Martin Rupprecht + Arndt von Diepenbroick | Galerie Mutare | 30.06.-11.08.2018

Martin Rupprecht + Arndt von Diepenbroick | Galerie Mutare | 30.06.-11.08.2018

until 11.08. | #2064ARTatBerlin | Galerie Mutare presents from 30th June 2018 an exhibition with graphics and object art by Martin Rupprecht and paper plastics by Arndt von Diepenbroick.

The exhibition “Graphic Arts, Objects and Paper Sculpture”, which starts on June 30 at Galerie Mutare presents works by the artist Martin Rupprecht, supplemented by the paper sculptures by Arndt von Diepenbroick.

Martin Rupprecht, who passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago, was a quite versatile Artist, who loved to experiment with colours, shapes and perspectives. His scenic stage designs were imaginative, ingenious and sometimes also a little playful.

Even in the digital age Rupprecht preferred to make art with cut and glue – in this special way he created artfully dense collages and drawings. Wherever he sat – in the cafe, at home or traveling, there were always scissors – even napkins were processed by him there, as he revealed at our last studio-attended.

Not only the result, but also the sensuality of working were important to Rupprecht – creating something with his hands, feeling the haptic. He used old writing paper and also paper for invoices, scribbling it with pens, reduced to lines and symbols –  abstract and minimalist. His handwriting and expressive forms can also be found in his 3D-looking collages.

The paper artist Arndt von Diepenbroick, originally an architect, does not paint and cut, he works mainly with torn paper of all kinds – and glue. He models imaginative sculptures with special spatial effects from his scraps of paper.

The connection between the two artists arose from a long-term common work for the most diverse stages. There was a close friendship between these two artists.


Martin Rupprecht, born in 1937, completed his studies in stage – costume design at the Meisterschule für Kunsthandwerk Berlin under Werner Kleinschmidt and Mariane Hertzin. In the period from 1971 to 2002 Martin Rupprecht held a professorship at the University of the Arts in Berlin in the course costume on stage. In addition to his work as a stage designer, he worked as a freelance artist in the fields of drawing and collage.
Rupprecht lived and worked in Berlin and Buchholz / Zernikow, Brandenburg.
The artist died in 2018.

His graphic work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Arndt von Diepenbroick grew up near Münster. He first worked as an architect and then founded a theater group with friends from the US and Switzerland. There he developed a passion for sculptural objects, in the beginning masks made of paper. Later emerged abstract and figurative art, often animals and plants. He “invents” light objects, keeps on developing furniture and also works in interior design.

His paper sculptures have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions.


Vernissage: Saturday, 30th June 2018, 7:00 pm. Christoph Tannert, curator, artistic director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, introduces the exhibition.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 30th June to Saturday, 11th August 2018

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Image caption Courtesy of Galerie Mutare – Martin Rupprecht (cover image) + Arndt von Diepenbroick

Exhibition Martin Rupprecht + Arndt von Diepenbroick – Galerie Mutare – Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – Galleries Berlin | ART at Berlin


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