post-title Leyla Yenirce | Splitter | Schiefe Zähne | 28.04.-27.05.2023

Leyla Yenirce | Splitter | Schiefe Zähne | 28.04.-27.05.2023

Leyla Yenirce | Splitter | Schiefe Zähne | 28.04.-27.05.2023

Leyla Yenirce | Splitter | Schiefe Zähne | 28.04.-27.05.2023

bis 27.05. | #3909ARTatBerlin | The Berliner Galerie Schiefe Zähne shows from 28. April 2023 the exhibition Splitter of the artist Leyla Yenirce.

In her artistic practice across multiple media, Leyla Yenirce deals with the representation of resistance as well as cultural, medial and military structures of dominance. She exposes the fine line between glorifying ideology and resistant emancipation, sensibly interrelating what is often assumed to be opposites: feminism and war, pop culture and genocide, desire, longing and irony.


A woman looks calmly and concentrated. What she sees and observes remains unclear. Sounds form a melody lose themselves, morph and begin to scratch at the image. The woman holds a Splitter in her hand and a game of its own starts. She redirects the light that falls on her. She blinds us and disappears in the reflection.

Splitter is a portrait, a lullaby, a disruption. The work shows the moment when light enters and darkness arrives, people dissolve and reappear. Showing oneself or camouflaging oneself constitute contrasting processes that are negotiated in different contexts today: Is the woman in the video, then, a model who no longer wants to be looked at?

For Leyla Yenirce, the starting point was still another: the confrontations with the threat of drone technology. This is increasingly becoming a danger for Kurdish fighters as well. In the mountains that once offered protection, every spot can now be sighted. One possible reaction: blinding the camera, making the body invisible, using the light to hide and remain capable of operating.



Exhibition dates: Friday, 28. April – Saturday, 27. May 2023

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Image caption : Leyla Yenirce, GRL8and, 2021 (Detail), Courtesy the artists and Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Photo: Gunter Lepkowski

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