post-title Lars Wild | GOLDLAUTER | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 11.01.–27.02.2019

Lars Wild | GOLDLAUTER | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 11.01.–27.02.2019

Lars Wild | GOLDLAUTER | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 11.01.–27.02.2019

Lars Wild | GOLDLAUTER | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 11.01.–27.02.2019

until 27.02. | #2324ARTatBerlin | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from 11th January 2019 in the newly designed salon of the gallery the exhibition GOLDLAUTER of the artist Lars Wild with painting and drawing.  This exhibition accompanies the solo show of the artist Benedikt Braun in the gallery Eigenheim.


Accompanying Benedikt Braun’s SHOOTINGSTAR, the exhibition GOLDLAUTER by the artist Lars Wild will be shown in the newly created salon of the Galerie Eigenheim Berlin. Goldlauter – a secluded resort at the foot of the Great Beerberg, on the southern slope of the scenic Thuringian Forest, with its vast meadow valleys and dense forests on the Rennsteig, is in this case not only regarded as the location of the origin of this series of leaves by Lars Wild, but also as a metaphor for a place of retreat and contemplation, spiritual purification and oblivion of the world. The gloomy landscapes balance between the fateful impact of a comet or the crash of an airship and the idyllic peace of a lake landscape or an abandoned holiday resort. The landscapes, however, are not borrowed from a real existing model, but originate solely from the painter’s imagination. Above all, there seems to be a serious question of existence. Mystically dark, dream-like states are depicted and cast a spell over the viewer.

Lars Wild, o.T. (from the series Goldlauter), Oil and varnish on paper, 29,7 x 42 cm, 2017

The applied technique of the painter is remarkable. The handling of paint, whether oil, acrylic or lacquer, is unconventional, as the respective material is mainly applied off. Even the slightest graphic intervention by the artist through scratching, wiping and smearing becomes an image-forming element. The composition of the picture’s division and colouring, as well as the atmospheric juxtaposition of light and dark, is characterised by such intuitive security that the viewer’s imagination creates the idea of an object existing in the picture space out of even the smallest painterly intervention. The wafer-thin brushstroke simulates a water surface, the soft, matt colour gradients worked into the paper create voluminous cloud formations. The monochrome, altogether very reduced colour palette is mainly broken up by the colourfulness of the background. References to the naturalistic painting of Romanticism are unmistakable. The play of light and atmosphere recreates the dematerialized landscapes and seascapes of a William Turner or John Constables. These references, however, are broken by objects floating in space, some of them indefinable, and thus become a game of fiction and reality. Mysterious energy fields, dark water surfaces, ambiguous, duplicating horizons dissolving in depth seem oppressively mysterious. A play of violence between heaven and earth, symbolically supported by a phenomenal play of light, leaves open the question of whether it is a day or night situation. The darkness and uncertainty of the night breaks with the enlightened state of the day. An ominous intermediate state is depicted. An unforeseeable event seems to break into a peaceful situation. Between above and below, light and darkness, between heaven and hell, a sky fall takes place and the apocalypse can be used in the theological as well as in the secular term of science fiction. In a prophetic-visionary visual language, Lars Wild thus shows us his very own version of an apocalyptic scenario and seems to tell of the catastrophic end of the story.

Lars Wild, o.T. (Officer) – (from the series Goldlauter), Oil and varnish on paper, 29,7 x 42 cm, 2017

The personnel that Lars Wild makes available to us in his portraits is reminiscent of cosmonauts, officers and prisoners who seem to have been pulled out of their respective landscapes and situations. Demon-like, some exaggerated beyond recognition, probably possessed by ghosts, they are shaped by the events they have witnessed. Masks and grimaces are part of the situations – seeming to be guardians or companions – putting their hand from behind on the shoulder of the protagonist or covering his eyes. However, and despite this, Wild allows here and there naive, childlike, graphic insertions and overpaintings that make us believe that everything is just a game. The world can be perceived with the gaze of a child seemingly new and without horror. Here Lars Wild gives us a way out – the unfathomable is broken and transformed, like a protective function, into fairy tales of crocodiles, police cars and squeaky ducks.

Lars Wild was born in Gotha in 1981, studied fine art at the Bauhaus University and has been an artist of EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin since 2007. Lars Wild lives and works in Gotha.

Poster GOLDLAUTER for the exhibition by Lars Wild

Flyer Goldlauter for the exhibition by Lars Wild

Vernissage for both exhibitions: Friday, 11th January 2019, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 11th January to Wednesday, 27th February (Lars Wild) and until Saturday, 9th February 2019 (Benedikt Braun)

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