post-title Jong Oh | Galerie Jochen Hempel | 27.04.-25.05.2018

Jong Oh | Galerie Jochen Hempel | 27.04.-25.05.2018

Jong Oh | Galerie Jochen Hempel | 27.04.-25.05.2018

Jong Oh | Galerie Jochen Hempel | 27.04.-25.05.2018

until 25.05. | #1964ARTatBerlin | Gallery Jochen Hempel shows from 27th April 2018 the exhibition  by the artist Jong Oh.

Jong Oh’s artistic practice is quite particular since he does not use a studio but creates minimal sculptures in situ that respond to a given spatial situation. Responding to the nuanced configuration of each site, the artist constructs spatial structures by suspending and interconnecting a limited selection of materials: rope, chains, fishing wire, perspex, wooden and metal rods and painted threads. The elements of the work seem to float, and depending on the spatial relationship of the viewer with it these elements are connected and cross each other or appear as absolutely independent, suggesting additional dimensions to the simple three-dimensional space. Sometimes the threads that suspend these elements are practically invisible and sometimes the artist paints the thread lightly, reinforcing the visual presence of the element. Jong Oh also uses lighting to create his compositions, where real shadows or painted lines by the artist in graphite extend his ethereal structures and favor the effect of optical illusion in a dialogue of lines and planes. His practice defies the traditionally expected assumption in sculpture of dense masses and heavy objects, acting like simple yet complex drawings that point out the particularities of the space they inhabit.

In these paradoxical limits constituted by three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality, consummation and destruction, the spectator’s experience becomes a meditation on the whim of human perception. Jong Oh’s work is interactive in the sense that the perception and apprehension of each piece by the viewer is achieved only through a deep exploration of it and the negative space resulting from the intervention of the artist.

Jong Oh appeals to the viewer to question their own perception and the way they have to relate to the space that surrounds them, offering a space for meditation and contemplation before the hustle and bustle of contemporary everyday life: a subtle and refined visual haiku about universality and the sound of space.

Vernissage: Friday, 27th April 2018, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 27th April to Friday, 25th May 2018

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Image caption: Compo-site #18, 2017, plexiglas, metal rod, string, fishing wire, paint, weight,  240 x 100 x 45 cm

Exhibition  – Jochen Hempel | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin | ART at Berlin

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