post-title Jenna Chang + Linna Chi | Being Human | Galerie Sievi | 30.06.-29.07.2023

Jenna Chang + Linna Chi | Being Human | Galerie Sievi | 30.06.-29.07.2023

Jenna Chang + Linna Chi | Being Human | Galerie Sievi | 30.06.-29.07.2023

Jenna Chang + Linna Chi | Being Human | Galerie Sievi | 30.06.-29.07.2023

until 29.07. | #3956ARTatBerlin | Galerie Sievi meets Taipei shows from 01. June 2023 (Opening: 30.06.) the exhibition Menschsein / Being Human / 為人 with works from Taiwan by the sculptor 張真英 – Jenna Chang, and the painter 祁慶玲 – Linna Chi.

Follow-up exhibition of Berlin meets Taipei / 當柏林與台北相遇2023 – Menschsein / Being Human / 為人- under the curatorial project direction of Dr. Rania Sid Otmane, Kunstleben Berlin.

Jenna Chang – Architect/Artist/Observer

I studied sculpture when I was fifty, studied for my master’s degree when I was sixty, and maybe I’m planning to do a doctorate. I am glad that I have the ability to change. I have never considered myself as an artist, but I just want to change the status quo, or maybe it is just a big dream.

After compiling nearly 100 pieces of my works (with records) over the past ten years, I have lost or destroyed at least a hundred pieces, which is quite an amazing creative power. I don’t have the habit of drawing and composing, usually when I look at what I think of or see, the image is already in front of me, so it’s already done.

Linna Chi

Eight works presented in this exhibition were created during Covid-19.

In the early days of Covid-19, people around the world were in a spiritual panic, and with many uncertainties, our minds were like a running light, remembering the past, feeling the present, and imagining the future. We feel that the universe is full of mysterious energies that are beyond our grasp, and we understand that only spiritual and mental pursuits are the best choice to stabilize our emotions, and they are not bound by any established framework. Therefore, the Linna uses color stacking and rendering to produce many color variations and uses the characteristics and techniques of oil-related materials to create a feminine atmosphere and abstract concepts to express the state of mind in the works. The work presents a multi-layered and mysterious feeling, attracting the creator and the viewer to enter into a meditative space, allowing the creator and the viewer to dialogue with the painting through their own divine meeting. The bright and rich presentation of colors brings positive energy, allowing everyone to lower the pressure of life during the epidemic and enhance the spiritual aspect of an artistic feast.

Opening: Friday, 30. June 2023, 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 01. July – Saturday, 29. July 2023

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Image caption: courtesy Galerie Sievi

Exhibition Jenna Chang + Linna Chi – Galerie Sievi | Contemporary Art Berlin – Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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