post-title David Stegmann | Painting | Köppe Contemporary | 04.02.-18.03.2023

David Stegmann | Painting | Köppe Contemporary | 04.02.-18.03.2023

David Stegmann | Painting | Köppe Contemporary | 04.02.-18.03.2023

David Stegmann | Painting | Köppe Contemporary | 04.02.-18.03.2023

until 18.03. | #3744ARTatBerlin | Köppe Contemporary presents from 4. February 2023 (Opening: 03.02.) the exhibition with paintings by the artist David Stegmann.

David Stegmann, born in Freiburg, now lives in Staufen im Breisgau. Since 2006, the artist has devoted himself primarily to painting. In the meantime, he has exhibited in numerous metropolises such as Vienna, London, Paris or New York and was represented several times at Art Basel Miami Beach.

At first glance, one might classify the artist’s work in the landscape genre – especially since the artist himself speaks of being inspired by nature. However, what is generally called landscape painting or contemporary painting that refers to the landscape – the “ideal world”, the romanticising, idealising or idyllic – is hardly at home today.

Stegmann uses experimentally explored techniques. He often forms his pictures through a powerful painting gesture that rhythmises the picture. Through numerous painterly processes and modulations, expression and dynamics are increased, the composition acquires depth. The result is a lively, fragile pictorial framework from which forms approximating nature emerge. Some of the artist’s groups of works are reminiscent of the organic – of the human body or portraits. Or of plant forms that vigorously proliferate through the room or are in a state of torpor. Nevertheless, the artist always leaves the interpretation of the content to the free association of the viewer.

Stegmann’s motifs often oscillate between a micro and a macro level. There are strong polarisations – for example between order and chaos, compression and dissolution, brightness and darkness. In general, the theme of imaginary, indefinable and unlimited space plays an important role in the work.

Although many of the artist’s motifs are reminiscent of processes in nature – primal scenes or cosmic processes, for example, in which concentration, dematerialisation and dissolution are conditioned in an eternal cycle – Stegmann’s oeuvre is essentially aimed at man and his attitude towards nature. The equilibrium that man has maintained with nature for over 2 million years has been dramatically altered. The diversity of nature has been eliminated in many places, causal connections have been torn apart and irretrievably lost. In this respect, Stegmann’s art is also a contribution to the current discussion.

Text: André Lindhorst, Januar 2023

Opening: Friday, 3. February 2023, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 4. February to Saturday, 18. March 2023

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Image caption title: David Stegmann, O.T., 2023, Acryllac on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

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