post-title Common Ground | Group Show | 68 projects | 13.08.-05.09.2020

Common Ground | Group Show | 68 projects | 13.08.-05.09.2020

Common Ground | Group Show | 68 projects | 13.08.-05.09.2020

Common Ground | Group Show | 68 projects | 13.08.-05.09.2020

until 05.09. | #2798ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kornfeld presents from 13th August 2020 the group show Common Ground with works by the artists Hiba Alansari, Tewa Barnosa and Wael Toubaji.

Hiba Alansari, Tewa Barnosa and Wael Toubaji – Laureates of the exhibition and mentor-programme “A Journey of Belonging Part II” which took place at Bikini Haus Berlin in the spring of 2019, organised by the Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin (CAA Berlin). Following their participation, each artist has permanently moved to Berlin, having at the time found themselves inbetween cities, countries and identities. Berlin now becomes their “Common Ground“ and their explorations of identity and individual and collective narratives a shared discourse and investigation within their works.

Hiba Alansari’s performance piece “Balance” explores the human body and its relationship to protest in the pursuit of balance. Her body moves around on a curved iron base, stabilising against the speed of physical and psychological variables. After 10 years of various forms of protests in Syria, she finds herself fluctuating between two worlds, the physically dwindling past and the volatile present. Tewa Barnosa explores the theme of silent protest through material communication. She considers how objects become parts of our history and serve as timelines of collective and individual narratives. Investigating wall taggings found in Libya, Barnosa takes the statement “the walls are listening” as a means of cultural anthropology. These artefacts become the voice of the place, they not only are listening, but are also speaking, protesting and sharing unheard voices. Wael Toubaji will present a new work titled “Ubrugskunst” as both a sculptural and moving image piece. Built from collected wood from the forests of Denmark in collaboration with Mads Gronberg, Toubaji used found objects from his then local area to create the disfunctional object. The work becomes the opposite of perfectionism – a resistance and a protest – not only to the functionality of the object but also to the expectations of local design and implications of identity in a given place. The work is a chair but is not a chair, similarly we may relate to a specific identity but at the same time have no tangible identity at all.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of 68 projects - Hiba Alansari - 2020
Hiba Alansari, Untitled, 2020, Mixed media on latex

Hiba Alansari (*1983, Bani Walid) is a Syrian artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. Her practice consists of sculpture, installation, performance, photography and mixed media – focusing on a deeply personal lending of physical shape to the human experience of war. She holds a diploma from Walid Ezzat Institute of Fine Arts and BA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Damascus. In 2017 she completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in the class of Gregor Schneider.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of 68 projects - Tewa Barnosa - 2019
Tewa Barnosa, Infinite silence, 2019, Neon sign, 30 x 120 cm

Tewa Barnosa (*1998, Tripoli) is Libyan Tamazight artist and curator. She was born and raised in Tripoli and is currently based in Berlin. Her practice moves around Identity and belonging definitions, ancient histories and uncertain futures of languages, spoken words and collective memory in the social and political context of Libya and North Africa.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of 68 projects - Wael Toubaji - 2020
Wael Toubaji, Ubrugskunst, 2020, Found wood sculpture, drawing and animation

Wael Toubaji (*1984, Al Nabek) holds a diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus and an MFA from Funen Art Academy in Odense/Denmark. With his academic and professional background with painting and animation he is interested in developing links between animation and painting in contemporary forms using original methods, combining the use of recycled materials, handcrafted aesthetics, and digital media.

Opening:  Thursday, 13th August 2020, noon to 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 13th August to Saturday, 5th September 2020

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