post-title Bo Larsen | NEON | nüü gallery | 19.11.2021-08.01.2022

Bo Larsen | NEON | nüü gallery | 19.11.2021-08.01.2022

Bo Larsen | NEON | nüü gallery | 19.11.2021-08.01.2022

Bo Larsen | NEON | nüü gallery | 19.11.2021-08.01.2022

until 08.01. | #3258ARTatBerlin | nüü gallery currently shows the exhibition NEON with paintings by the German-Danish artist Bo Larsen.

Under the title NEON, the nüüd.berlion gallery shows abstract works that have an expressive colourfulness and develop a special luminosity through the use of neon pigments. For Bo Larsen, the process of painting involves several procedures, from dividing the canvas with tapes, preparing special colours that are given individual and characteristic painting properties by oils and waxes, to applying the tension-laden colour paste to the painting surface and tearing off the glued surfaces. This creates colour fields of varying translucency. In the post-processing Larsen uses so-called racks, which make it possible to apply oil paint impasto to the canvas and leave it to chance which areas of the picture surface remain free and untouched. This process contrasts conceptually with masking off the canvas, where the artist can determine which areas come into contact with paint and which do not. The unusual combination of these different painting techniques is what makes these particular colour landscapes so appealing, moving between action painting, pop art, street art and abstraction.

Vernissage: Thursday, 18th November 2021, 6:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 19th November 2021 – Saturday, 8th January 2022

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Image caption: Bo Larsen, NEON Coral Reef, 140 x 120 cm, Oil, acrylic, paint spray and alcohol ink on canvas, 2021

Exhibition Bo Larsen – nüü gallery | Zeitgenössische Kunst | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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