post-title Björn Heyn | Me, myself and Ei | Raab Galerie | 22.06.-18.07.2024

Björn Heyn | Me, myself and Ei | Raab Galerie | 22.06.-18.07.2024

Björn Heyn | Me, myself and Ei | Raab Galerie | 22.06.-18.07.2024

Björn Heyn | Me, myself and Ei | Raab Galerie | 22.06.-18.07.2024

until 18.07. | #4327ARTatBerlin | Raab Galerie presents from 22nd June 2024 (Vernissage: 21.06) the exhibition Me, myself and Ei by the artist Björn Heyn.

it is not necessary to explain Björn Heyn’s works, they are beautiful and mysterious, full of temptation. While I look at a variety of forms, colours and hints, paintings come to my mind that are known to me: A quarter of a century ago the works of Picasso and Matisse were celebrated in exhibitions all over the world as represetative of the spirit of the twentieth century. At that time Björn Heyn was still a child. Today, he adds to these images Fernand Léger and uses words as images, to find out what could best be done with it to create a contemporary painting. The reaction of the observers is prompt: These works are loveable, subtle, colourful and stimulating. They are an interesting company at home to think about life.

Painting always existed, even in times of political correctness, when dualism between politics and culture did not exist anymore. While paintings don’t explain things to you, they enlighten your thinking. As the great Swiss philosopher Jean Starobinski explains, enlightenment saves us from danger. Very often, images and objects of everyday life come into Björn Heyn’s focus. In a similar way, Piplotti Rist plays with the absurdity of objects by enlargening them. In the meantime Björn Heyn plays with different levels of perception. This leads to new rooms in a perspectively relocated sense. Both artists share an expressive love of colours.

Heyn is a visually receptive artist, looking at an exhibition of Markus Lüpertz, some elements of Lüpertz works start wandering into Heyn’s. Strolling through the forest and the romatic element of such a walk immediately adds to the spirit of his next painting. Björn Heyn’s works is in harmony with his time. We share our concerns in a multifaceted effort to meet with the challenges of today. New ideas can bring about new danger, which we can discover and reflect about in a painting. Looking at an artwork and thinking about it in the whole range of ideas that are offered to us is similar to the democratic processes of our democratic societies.

It is exciting to have found a playful way of reflecting about our times in front of a painting. The works are misterious, charming, beautiful, tempting, my brain connects the images to forms and colours of known artworks that I have enjoyed looking at in the past beacause they were so beautiful.  At the turn of the millenium the art world agreed that Picasso and Matisse were the most important artists of the 20th century. At that time Björn Hey was still a child, he was nevertheless brought up in that spirit. Today we bring up a young generation in schools and univiersities, at work and in families that have learned to appreaciate living in a democratic world.

Vernissage: Friday, 21st June 2024 from 6 pm until 9 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 22nd June until Thursday, 18th July 2024

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm and by appoointment

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Caption Title image: Björn Heyn: “1440 x noch nicht & nicht mehr”, 6 Leinwände a 44 x 116 cm, Hasenleim, Pigment, Acryl, Öl Pastell, Kohle, Lack, Stifte auf Leinwand

Exhibition Björn Heyn – Raab Galerie – Zeitgenössische Kunst – Exhibitions Berlin Galleries – ART at Berlin

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