post-title Asta Gröting + Ming Wong | Fortune | carlier gebauer | 16.09.-18.11.2023

Asta Gröting + Ming Wong | Fortune | carlier gebauer | 16.09.-18.11.2023

Asta Gröting + Ming Wong | Fortune | carlier gebauer | 16.09.-18.11.2023

Asta Gröting + Ming Wong | Fortune | carlier gebauer | 16.09.-18.11.2023

until 18.11. | #4043ARTatBerlin | carlier gebauer shows from 16. September 2023 (Opening: 15.09.) the exhibition Fortune by the artists Asta Gröting and Ming Wong.

“(…) the relation between our bodies, our physical being and the space around us, our working space. In our case it’s the studio, because this is something which is fragile, which is being threatened to become miniaturized through external forces – the cost and the commercialization of our physical space (…) The ever-decreasing comfort zones.”

Ming Wong in conversation with Asta Gröting (June 2023)

Fortune marks a decade of friendship between Asta Gröting and Ming Wong, who both had their first exhibitions with carlier | gebauer over ten years ago. Fortune presents a reflection and mirroring of the two’s perspectives on work, space, media and materials in a changing Berlin, an increasingly precarious city for artists.

The gallery space is transformed into a scenography of shifting spaces, colours, lights, sounds, objects and ideas that emerge from conversations about their evolving artistic practices in response to the ever-changing conditions of the city.

Central to her collaborative approach to the occasion are two new films that emerged from experiments in re-experiencing the physicality of the artist’s studio through a combination of new and old technologies and materials to capture its immaterial volume and scale. By mirroring their practice, Ming Wong and Asta Gröting have collaborated to create a space where film enters the realm of sculpture and sculpture enters the realm of film.

For the duration of the exhibition, Asta Gröting and Ming Wong will design an ongoing programme of performances, lectures, film screenings and sound installations.

Scenography by Ming Wong, in collaboration with Liam Morgan (lighting) and Torsten Podraza (programming).

Asta Gröting (born 1961, Herford) and Ming Wong (born 1971, Singapur) live and work in Berlin.

Vernissage: Friday, 15 September, 2023, 6 – 9 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 16 September to Saturday, 18 November 2023

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Image caption title: 3D-Scan des Ateliers von Asta Gröting, 2023, Bild © Asta Gröting, Courtesy der Künstlerin und carlier | gebauer, Berlin/Madrid

Exhibition Asta Gröting + Ming Wong – carlier | gebauer | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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