post-title Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

until 28.02. | #1867ARTatBerlin | Galerie Martin Mertens shows from 23rd February 2018 the exhibition “Fragments of Art” by the artist Anna Schiller.

Anna Schiller celebrates Première at Martin Mertens gallery. Under the title FRAGMENTS OF ART, Anna Schiller presents her best works of art between the 23rd and 28th of February. The exhibition offers an exciting and unique development of a woman who has already gone through many stages in her life. Even as a child, she was influenced by art, literature and music in a family of artists. In the late 1990’s her family immigrated from Kazakhstan to Berlin. The previous life journey was not always easy. In her works, the autodidact uses the abstract motifs and colors to process her experiences, thus telling her own personal story.

ART at Berlin - Kunst Ausstellung in Berlin - Galerie Martin Mertens - Anna-Schiller-1
St. Tropez, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 80 cm

For Anna, painting does not only mean the freedom to express oneself and to present its interior to the outside, it “embodies much more a reality that reveals the soul in the most intimate way”.

It is important to her to touch the viewer and to contribute to the inspiration and personal development. At the same time, the exchange of artists among each other is crucial. Anna does not see it as a competitive pressure, but on the contrary as a mutual incentive and support, which she also proves on her own homepage under the heading “Kunsteinblicke”. With this platform, Anna offers other artists the space to advance, to showcase and support one another in a lively artist exchange.


Untitled, print on paper, 40 x 80 cm

Anna’s motto “painting cultivates the eye and the soul at the same time” does not describe art as work or product, rather as inspiration and the pursuit of the beauty of spiritual creation without moral limits. Anna’s style can not be described in one sentence, her abstract art is all-embracing, boundless and impulsive. In her paintings, she interprets her own story for each work.

Stockholm, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Schiller’s paintings, both acrylic on canvas and prints on paper, move at the interface between abstraction and reality. Each picture develops a life of its own, in which the colors interact with forms and other materials. With innovative artistic perspectives and techniques, such as the further development of monotype, she creates an end result that is a powerful reflection of her soul life and challenges the harmony and aesthetics of our time.

Anna Schiller says:

“With my abstract art, I want to let the viewer develop his own story in his head. The names of my pictures are named after the places in my life that have left their mark on me after a short or long stay. So the viewer has a tendency of me and is free through the colors and shapes to develop the rest for themselves. “

ART at Berlin - Kunst Ausstellung in Berlin - Galerie Martin Mertens - Anna-Schiller-4
New York, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 380 cm

The vernissage on February 24 from 4 pm pays homage to the art itself. Martin Mertens Galerie will be showing the artworks, accompanied by a professional pianist. For this all art lovers are invited in Berlin.

Furthermore, Anna Schiller will bring the art into the public space, in which she paints live in the gallery on February 27, thus initiating the audience into the process of creating the images.

Anna Schiller’s entire exhibition and the artist can be seen daily between February 23 and February 28 between 11 am and 8 pm in the Galerie Martin Mertens.

Special Events:

Vernissage: Saturday, 24th February 2018 from 4 p.m., with live piano

Exhibition period: Friday, 23rd February to Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Live-Piano: Saturday, 24th February 2018 & Sunday, 25th February 2018 from 5 p.m.

Live-Painting: Tuesday, 27th February 2018 from 11:00 a.m.

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Image caption: Anna Schiller, New York, Acryl auf Leinwand, 50 x 380 cm

Exhibition Anna Schiller – Fragments of Art – Galerie Martin Mertens | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin 


Cinderella trying on the slipper. Colored engraving from an 1867 edition of the Perrault fairy tale illustrated after Gustave Dore. #cinderella #farytales #engraving #1867artatberlin

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Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

#1867ARTatBerlin | Galerie Martin Mertens @galeriemartinmertens will be opening the exhibition "Fragments of Art" by the artist Anna Schiller on February 24, 2018. Anna Schiller celebrates Première in the Martin Mertens gallery. Under the name of ... MORE BELOW:

Anna Schiller | Fragments of Art | Galerie Martin Mertens | 23.02.-28.02.2018

#1867ARTatBerlin | Galerie Martin Mertens @galeriemartinmertens eröffnet am 24. Februar 2018 die Ausstellung "Fragments of Art" der Künstlerin Anna Schiller @annaschillerart . Anna Schiller feiert Première in der Martin Mertens Galerie. Unter dem Namen ... MEHR HIER: #galeriemartinmertens #annaschillerart #contemporaryart #art #kunst #artgallery #artlover #artinfo #artist #artnews #artshow #artwork #arty #artdaily #fineart #photo #künstler #fineart #canvas #instaart #ausstellung #exhibition #Kunstwerk #art #deedsworld #artatberlin

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After an awesome Vernissage galeriemartinmertens yesterday I would like to thank all the people for their appreciation and support! Half a year ago I decided to go professional with my art and to make my dream come true by having my first exhibition. This would not have been possible without the huge support and dedication of cagri_akar and z_mar_ !!! I love you guys and wonderful to have you in my life ❤️❤️❤️ Additionally thank you all guys who participate the event yesterday and created with me the wonderful evening! It`s an awesome experience to see that dreams are coming true and I hope to inspire you guys to work hard to find what you love and to make your dreams come true!!! #annaschillerart ...

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Last preparations
Vernissage Fragments of Art from 4 pm


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Exhibition Fragments of Art, 23/02 - 28/02, WAITING for Tomorrow`s Vernissage opening at 4 pm galeriemartinmertens

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Exhibition Fragments of Art galeriemartinmertens

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Red painting for my exhibition 23/02 - 28/02 galeriemartinmertens

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Event invites finalization for upcoming Vernissage 24/02 from 4 pm galeriemartinmertens

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Sunday afternoon painting and preparing for upcoming exhibition 23/02-28/02 galeriemartinmertens

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