How to find dates in the event calendar of ART@Berlin

Our calendar contains events on the date on which they begin (e.g. the opening of an exhibition), or on which they end (e.g. closing of an exhibition / Last Chance to see), or on which they take place (e.g. an artist talk or a performance etc.). You will thus find the start or the end of an exhibition or a single event on the colour-coded calendar days (blue = exhibition start, red = exhibition end, black = event).

If you would like to check the calendar to see whether your desired exhibition is still running, you can find out by checking the Vernissage entry or the Last Chance to see entry: The countdown in each entry shows you in how many days an exhibition opens or closes. And on the runtime banner you can see how long an exhibition is still to be visited or whether it has already ended.

Experience shows that exhibitions run for about 4 to 6 weeks. The exact duration of all exhibitions can also be found in the detailed descriptions under the menu item EXHIBITIONS.

Why we show the duration of an exhibition about the vernissages and the finissages (Last Chance to see) in the calendar

Please consider that around 350 to 400 Berlin galleries exhibit almost every day. Even without listing the daily dates, we would have at least 400 dates online every day, and this would make the calendar completely confusing. In this way, we limit the calendar to exhibition start dates, end dates and of course daily dates for special events, such as evening events, discussions with artists, special tours etc.

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