How to find dates in the events calendar

The calendar contains events on the date on which they begin (e.g. an exhibition) or take place (e.g. a discussion with an artist). You will thus find the start of an exhibition or a single event on the colour-coded calendar days. You can find the exhibition durations in the detailed descriptions under the menu item Exhibitions. If you would like to check the calendar for whether your exhibition of choice is still running, please search the start date of the exhibition. From experience, exhibitions usually run for approx. 1.5 months. If you look for this period in the calendar on the day prior to your visit to the exhibition, you will most probably find the exhibitions listed that are still running on the day of your visit.

Why we only provide limited information on the duration of an exhibition in the calendar

Please consider that around 350 to 400 Berlin galleries exhibit almost every day. Even without listing the daily dates, this would make the calendar completely confusing, because we would have at least 400 dates online every day. In this way, we limit the calendar to exhibition start dates and of course daily dates for special events, such as evening events, discussions with artists, special tours etc.


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