post-title Eigenheim Edition #4 – Bauhaus 100 | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 22.05.–11.07.2020

Eigenheim Edition #4 – Bauhaus 100 | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 22.05.–11.07.2020

Eigenheim Edition #4 – Bauhaus 100 | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 22.05.–11.07.2020

Eigenheim Edition #4 – Bauhaus 100 | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 22.05.–11.07.2020

until 11.07. | #2739ARTatBerlin  | EIGENHEIM Berlin is showing the group exhibition Eigenheim Edition #4 – Bauhaus 100, this year’s highlight of Eigenheim Weimar/Berlin, starting Friday, May 22, 2020. The 4th Edition is a comprehensive and authentic reflection of last year’s 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. The gallery has succeeded in bringing together the most important protagonists and most extensive productions.

Please note: Opening hours from 26.05.2020 Tue – Sat from 14 to 19 o’clock. A maximum of 5 visitors may be in the gallery at any one time. Please use this booking system, to plan your visit to the exhibition or contact the gallery by e-mail when you would like to visit the Galerie Eigenheim.

One year after the great anniversary 100 years Bauhaus, EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin would like to look back, researched the complete programme of the Bauhaus Association and developed an edition that brings together the internationality and diversity of artistic positions in the context of the anniversary. The aim was to create a contemporary document that would have an effect beyond the anniversary and at the same time initiate a discourse that would deal with contemporary social and aesthetic questions

ART at Berlin - Galerie Eigenheim Weimar Berlin - 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Participating artists: Adam Noack, addenda architects, Antje Hanebeck, Benedikt Braun, Christoph Blankenburg, Daniel T. Braun, Das Totale Tanz Theater 360, Elfi Fröhlich, Enrico Freitag, Frederik Foert, Gökçen Dilek Acay, Heike Hanada, José Taborda, Katrin Steiger, Konstantin Bayer, Lars Wild, Liz Bachhuber, Lucy Raven, Marc Jung, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Nina Röder, Norbert Hinterberger, NTSfeat. IOver feat.OW, Robert Wilson, Thomas Hawranke, Tilo Schulz, Timm Ulrichs, Timo Herbst, Uli Aigner and Ursula Sax.

The result is the fourth edition of EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin – a compilation consisting of the contributions of 30 participants, collected in a linen-bound edition box, in A3 format and in an edition of 12 pieces. Painting, drawing, prints, installation, object, sound, dance, theatre and new media – hardly any artistic means of expression is missing. Both internationally renowned and young up-and-coming artists are involved.

A drawing mounted on a stepped base by Heike Hannada, the architect of the New Bauhaus Museum Weimar, or two preliminary drawings for the new building of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau by Addenda Architects, the Barcelona-based architectural firm responsible for this new building, are included in the edition, as are works by the New York artist Lucy Raven, the winner of the Art in Construction competition for this new museum building. The star of the opening festival in Berlin, Robert Wilson, the in many respects revolutionary theatremaker, is also a participant in the Edition and, with a portrait drawing by Samuel Backett, reflects on the piece “Krapp’s Last Tape” from the opening spectacle. Uli Aigner and Ursula Sax were also part of the opening festival with extensive productions and are part of the collection with works produced especially for the Edition Bauhaus 100. Aigner’s “One Million” project, which is based on historical craftsmanship and at the same time focuses on global networking, will be represented in the edition by a special edition of their porcelain production.

The Bauhaus anniversary was accompanied by large exhibitions, some of which are represented in the edition. Tilo Schulz, the curator of the exhibition “Reflex Bauhaus 40 objects – 5 conversations” at the Design Museum Munich, has developed a work especially for the edition that deals with the ideas of social formalism and provokes political metaphors in abstraction. With Antje Hanebeck and Daniel T. Braun, two artists of the large exhibition “Bauhaus and Photography – To See Newly in Contemporary Art” from the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf are present, or with Liz Bachhuber, Elfi Fröhlich and Nina Röder, not only participants of the exhibition “Bauhaus Women” from the Kunsthalle Erfurt but also former professors and employees of the Bauhaus University Weimar are part of the edition. Norbert Hinterberger was also a professor at this university for many years and contributed a fine art print of his charcoal drawing based on a photograph by Erich Consemüller from 1927 “Nachts in der Bauabteilung – Beim Wettbewerb” (Night in the Building Department – At the Competition) to the edition.

But not only individual artists, but also extensive productions, such as the virtual reality installation “Das Totale Tanz Theater” with the internationally sought-after choreographer Richard Siegal and Artificial Rome, find space in the edition in the form of VR glasses and the complete 360* video quens. The collective NTS feat. IOver feat.OW has brought a rather cynical contribution to the Bauhaus hype into the edition. The blinded professor emeritus for aesthetics at the Bauhaus University Olaf Weber took up a work by Timm Ulrichs many years ago and proclaims in this photograph “I can’t see a Bauhaus anymore”. However, one of the highlights of the edition includes a work by the author of this work – Timm Ulrich himself.

The edition also has many surprises in store: A new cut of the video work “Rennsteigflimmern 2” by Christoph Blankenburg is accompanied by corresponding experimental drawings, Katrin Steiger contributes a curtain newly assembled from plastic elements after an original sketch by Anni Albers from 1973, Gökçen Dilek Acay shows in addition to a 1-channel video work, a dialogue between triadic ballet by Oskar Schlemmer and Japanese Butoh dance, also based on drawings, movement and sound analyses, Mindaugas Gapševičius includes a new development of his well-known toolboxes, small electro-technical experimental setups with instructions, and Thomas Hawranke shows a newly compiled in-game photography.

Of course the edition also includes a selection of EIGENHEIM house artists. Fre- derik Foert, for example, shows a humorous triptych based on advertising quotations, and Benedikt Braun shows a similar one, with the Bauhaus insignia denounced at the centre of his face. Adam Noack, Marc Jung and Lars Wild have added unique paintings on paper to the edition, which in the case of Adam Noack deal with the new digital workplace culture. Enrico Freitag, with his 12-part work, also brings one unique piece each into the edition and deals with Kandinsky’s categories impression, improvisation and composition. Konstantin Bayer shows, among other things, a banner that could have originated in the everyday life of a large Chinese city, but only the translation of the slogan corresponds to the slogan of a DIY store chain. Bauhaus – more than a DIY store. Timo Herbst has contributed a drawing based on his rhythmic analyses, which has a haptic surprise in store, as the drawing was fixed on Japanese paper by a layer of wax, thus enhancing various levels and transparencies of the pictorial structure.

All in all a mammoth project, which will be shown in different places in the near future. The exhibitions will be supplemented by further works by individual participating artists. The kick-off exhibition will take place at EIGENHEIM Berlin. Information on further exhibitions, for example on Berlin Art Week 2020, can be found at

Opening days: Friday, 22.05.2020 to Sunday, 24.05.2020, from 2:00 to 10:00 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 22 May to Saturday, 11 July 2020, Tue – Sat from 2:00 to 7:00 pm, please book or mail, see above

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