post-title Ab van Hanegem | One-single-artwork-show #2 | Galerie Gilla Lörcher | 24.11.–30.11.2016

Ab van Hanegem | One-single-artwork-show #2 | Galerie Gilla Lörcher | 24.11.–30.11.2016

Ab van Hanegem | One-single-artwork-show #2 | Galerie Gilla Lörcher | 24.11.–30.11.2016

Ab van Hanegem | One-single-artwork-show #2 | Galerie Gilla Lörcher | 24.11.–30.11.2016

until 30.11. | #0938ARTatBerlin | Galerie Gilla Lörcher presents from 24th November the second part of an exhibition with six parts. The second artist is Ab van Hanegem.

From 17 November 2016 – 19 January 2017 Galerie Gilla Lörcher is delighted to introduce a new exhibition format and a series of 6 exhibits that will only last one week.
to present a new exhibition format and a series of 6 shows with a duration of only 1 week.

The exhibition format follows the parameters:
1 artist, 1 artwork, 1 week.

Back to the roots. Bildbesprechung. Let´s talk about art.

One-single-artwork-show #2: Ab van Hanegem

The artwork:
Ab van Hanegem | Ohne Titel, 200 x 230 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 2016

„In my more recent work, the spaciousness is no longer clearly orientated towards the perspective. The dimensions in my work are difficult to identify precisely. I focus on spaciousness inspired by phenomena from the topology, a branch of mathematics. For example the Klein Bottle and Möbius strip. Both refer to an endless, closed surface. A plane with seemingly two sides (front and back), but still one and the same surface causing front and back, top and bottom to overlap inseparably. Sometimes executed in a sleek and architectural way, at other times expressive by nature. The most recent works are mainly expressionist, material plays a greater role in the creation, yet it is often constructed as architecture. For me these ‘impossible’ structures represent special areas, ‘thinking spaces’ you might say. Areas where you can wander infinitely, not only with your eyes but also mentally.“ (Ab van Hanegem)

Dutch artist Ab van Hanegem (born 1960) studied at Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost (Breda, NL) and at Rijksacademie (Amsterdam, NL). He lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. Ab van Hanegem was awarded the Stiftung Vordemberge-Gildewart stipend and the Charlotte Köhler award. His works have been shown in numerous institutions and galleries internationally (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL; Drawing Center New York, US; Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL; Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL; Museum De Beijerd, Breda, NL; Museum Wiesbaden, D; Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, D; Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, D; Clemens Sels Museum, Neuss, D; City Hall de Paauw, Wassenaar, NL; Kunstverein Malkasten Düsseldorf, D; Kunstverein Koelnberg, Köln, D; Tekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht, NL; Galerie Art & Project, Slootdorp, NL; Vous etes ici, Amsterdam, NL; Galerie Gilla Lörcher, Berlin, D; among others) and at art fairs Art Cologne, Art Brussel, POSITIONS Berlin art fair and on many more occasions. His work is part of a number of collections like KPN, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Collection Sanders in Amsterdam and Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten.

All „One-single-artwork-show“ dates at one glance:

One-single-artwork-show #1 | Opening 17 Nov at 7pm: John Cornu (until 23.11.)
One-single-artwork-show #2 | Opening 24 Nov at 7pm: Ab van Hanegem
One-single-artwork-show #3 | Opening 1 Dec at 7pm: Bettina Sellmann
One-single-artwork-show #4 | Opening 8 Dec at 7pm: Susanne Jung
One-single-artwork-show #5 | Opening 15 Dec at 7pm: Iris Musolf
One-single-artwork-show #6 | Opening 12 Jan at 7pm: Ivan Liovik Ebel

Vernissage: Thursday, 24th November 2016, 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 24th November to Wednesday, 30th November 2016

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Image caption: Ab van Hanegem | Untitled, 200 x 230 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2016

Exhibition One-single-artwork-show #2 : Ab van Hanegem – Gilla Lörcher – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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