here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Michaela Meise | Holle-Vanderbilt | König Galerie | 29.04.-28.05.2017

until 28.05. |  #1305ARTatBerlin | König Galerie shows from 29th April 2017 the exhibition “Holle-Vanderbilt” by the artist Michaela Meise. In the chapel (ST. AGNES | CHAPEL), Michaela Meise (b. 1976) presents “Holle-Vanderbilt,” an exhibition that interweaves the well-known fairytale of Mother Holle with the life of the American artist Gloria Vanderbilt. The show includes […]

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Jose Dávila | “The Stone that the Builder refused” | König Galerie | 29.04.-21.05.2017

until 21.05. | #1306ARTatBerlin | König Galerie shows from 29th April 2017 the exhibition “The Stone that the Builder refused” by the artist Jose Dávila. Another new exhibition is coming to Johann König’s showrooms at Dessauer Straße 6: the Mexican artist Jose Dávila (b. 1974) presents an expansive installation that, in wrestling with itself, almost […]

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Anselm Reyle | Eight Miles High | König Galerie | 29.04.-04.06.2017

until 04.06. | #1304ARTatBerlin | König Galerie shows since 29th April 2017 the exhibition “Eight Miles High” by the artist Anselm Reyle. In the large gallery inside the former church (ST. AGNES | NAVE), Anselm Reyle (b. 1970) presents his first show at KÖNIG GALERIE featuring new works on over 4000 sq ft. The Berlin-based artist primarily works in painting, […]

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iafkg | Werkstattgalerie | 27.04.-26.05.2017

until 26.05. | #1354ARTatBerlin | Werkstattgalerie shows from 27th April 2017 the exhibition iafkg (international workgroup for constructive art). In Cooperation with Galleria Spazio Testoni, Archivio Paolo Ghilardi and Archivio Alberto Zilocchi. The “international workgroup for constructive art” (“internationaler arbeitskreis für konstruktive gestaltung” called “iafkg” for short) was formed in 1972 in Antwerp and Bonn by European artist who felt […]

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Tatsuo Miyajima | Buchmann Galerie | 28.04.–24.06.2017

until 24.06. | #1210ARTatBerlin | Buchmann Galerie presents from 28th April 2017 an exhibition with new works by the artist Tatsuo Miyajima. ‘Keep Changing’, ‘Connected with everything’ and ‘Continue forever’ are three parameters, with which Tatsuo Miyajima (*1957) epitomizes his multifaceted oeuvre. The artist’s work harnesses technology together with fundamental existential considerations and at least since […]

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Jesuis Crystiano | Delmes + Zander | 28.04.–10.06.2017

until 10.06. | #1212ARTatBerlin | Delmes & Zander shows from 28th April 2017 in the framework of Gallery Weekend Berlin an exhibition by the artist Jesuis Crystiano. On the occasion of this year’s Gallery Weekend Berlin, Delmes & Zander presents works by Brasilian artists Jesuis Crystiano. The entire Crystiano-estate has been with the gallery since 2016 and will […]

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Sibylle Bergemann | Frauen. Und in Farbe. | Loock Galerie | 28.04.–29.07.2017

until 29.07. | #1213ARTatBerlin | Loock Galerie and the Estate of Sibylle Bergemann, in cooperation with Reinbeckhallen and Kicken Berlin, will be showing an extensive selection from the oeuvre of the photographer Sibylle Bergemann (1941-2010) at three venues in the city. From 1967 onwards, Bergemann worked as a freelance photographer und created numerous reportages, fashion spreads and […]

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Antoni Tàpies + Jordi Alcaraz + Gino Rubert | Galerie Michael Haas | 28.04.–03.06.2017

until 03.06. | #1214ARTatBerlin | Galerie Michael Haas is opening an exhibition by three artists situated in Catalonia on Gallery Weekend. The paintings by Tàpies, Alcaraz and Rubert in the extensive exhibition opening in the Galerie Michael Haas and Kunst Lager Haas show evident contrasts but also, after a second look, of some commonalities as well. The […]

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Olaf Metzel | Plattenbau | Wentrup | 29.04.–17.06.2017

until 17.06. | #1209ARTatBerlin | The gallery Wentrup presents from 29th April 2017 the exhibition “Plattenbau” des Künstlers Olaf Metzel. Olaf Metzel’s second solo exhibition in the Wentrup gallery presents new works under the title Plattenbau [prefabricated apartment building usually made of concrete slabs]. For Metzel, the “Platte” (‘pre-fab’; literally: slab) is not only an architectural construction […]

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Sharka Hyland | Textzeichnungen | Galerie Dittmar | 28.04.-17.06.2017

until 17.06. | #1353ARTatBerlin | Galerie Dittmar presents from 28th April 2017 an exhibition with calligraphies by the artist Sharka Hyland. Sharka Hyland: I am interested in how literary language transcends the distinction between the verbal and the visual. Many of the images we remember have no physical exitence. They are evoked by the words of great writers. […]

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