here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Robert Stieghorst | Beyond the blinding spectacle | Westphal Berlin | 09.09.-12.11.2016

until 12.11. | #0847ARTatBerlin | Westphal Berlin currently shows the exhibition “Beyond the blinding spectacle” by the artist Robert Stieghorst. “He has an endless arsenal of images and like a bricoleur builds from images meant to be exist in different contexts new sentences. He resets the reality in wich those images already existed and gives them a fresh meaning and a […]

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Greetings from now on: Territories of Commitments | BERLINARTPROJECTS | 22.10.-23.12.2016

until 23.12. | #0846ARTatBerlin | BERLINARTPROJECTS shows from 22nd October 2016 the Groupexhibition “Greetings from now on: Territories of Commitments” with works by the artists Ali Taptik, Buğra Erol, Joana Kohen, Seza Bali, Yusuf Sevincli, Zeynep Beler. Territories of Commitments at BERLINARTPROJECTS is the first in a series of exhibitions on current photography: Greetings From Now On. This edition […]

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Studio Bamako | Group exhibition | Kehrer Galerie | 15.10.-26.11.2016

until 26.11. | #0844ARTatBerlin | Kehrer Galerie presents since the 15th October 2016 the group exhibition “Studio Bamako”. Kehrer Galerie is delighted to open the exhibition »Studio Bamako« with works by Malala Andrialavidrazana, Lebohang Kganye und Kitso L. Lelliott on October 14, 2016, from 7 to 9 pm. The artists will be present and signing copies of the […]

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Doggyssage | Klassenfeind Gallery | 26.11.2016

Klassenfeind Gallery presents on 26th November 2016 the worldwide first Doggyssage. Finally! The first Doggyssage – ever, will take place at Klassenfeind Gallery at Oranienburger Straße 22 on Saturday November 26th. And we not only want you here, we need you here! – Never mind if you’re thick, thin, small, tall, styled, scruffy, cute or […]

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