post-title UNITE + SHINE Demonstration | Route + Schedule | 19.05.2019

UNITE + SHINE Demonstration | Route + Schedule | 19.05.2019

UNITE + SHINE Demonstration | Route + Schedule | 19.05.2019

UNITE + SHINE Demonstration | Route + Schedule | 19.05.2019

On 19 May 2019, artists*, active members of the cultural landscape and cultural institutions will call for the brilliant demo “UNITE & SHINE” (Treffpunkt Volksbühne Berlin, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz). Here you will find the complete programme and the route of the demonstration.

Art is not created within national borders! Freedom of art, right of asylum and freedom of movement are indivisible: Safe escape routes, solidarity and an open society form the basis for the “right to participate freely in the cultural life of the community …”. – as stated in the Declaration of Human Rights. Restrictions or threats to artistic freedom are a bitter reality in Europe, both within and outside the European Union. Artists*, intellectuals, dissenters and people with different lifestyles are increasingly pushed to the margins of society and/or forced to emigrate by right-wing extremist policies.


The countries of the European Union represent a diversity of lifestyles and cultures. Their political shape must be based on the idea of a Europe of many: A Europe of solidarity that does not always seal itself off, but creates secure access for people from non-European countries who want to live here. We demand that the right of asylum and artistic freedom do justice to a Europe of many. Together we are sending a brilliant signal for an open society: for the further development of its democratic design in respect, diversity and tolerance, as well as against racism, discrimination and right-wing national authoritarianism. …

Read the article with the complete program and route of the demonstration further on > DEEDS.WORLD <


Image caption: Die Vielen e.V.

UNITE + SHINE DEMONSTRATION | Route + Schedule | Contemporary Art | ART at Berlin


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