post-title Raised in a tornado | Julia Zastava

Raised in a tornado | Julia Zastava

Raised in a tornado | Julia Zastava

Raised in a tornado | Julia Zastava

The Russian multimedia artist working with drawings, videos, installations and performances about her past, her art and herself. Julia Zastava’s solo show Wobbling Middle Age Elf Exhibition is to see at Galerie aKonzept from 6th June to 13th July 2019.

“Moscow was a tornado in the 90s”, Julia Zastava says. When she talks about her past, her art and herself, she sometimes seems a bit like her art works: comparable to a mysterious riddle. On the one hand, many details become visible, and on the other hand, open questions remain in people’s minds.

Born there in Moscow in November 1982, Julia Zastava studied ballet, finished it at 13, and became punk. That was 1995, right in the center of the tornado. It was those two really wild years for her after a very strict childhood, where she only was training, visiting conservatory for classical concerts, and reading.By 15 she already got all her punk experience and slowly started drawing. “A lot of erotic scenes, hmm …,” Julia remembers, “… and I thought maybe to go study animation, because there was no contemporary art school in Russia at that time, so all was very conservative. And then my grandma heard of this University, which was private and more pioneering than other schools. So at sixteen I …

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Bildunterschrift/Image: Portrait of Julia Zastava, Courtesy the artist

Raised in a tornado – Russian Artist Julia Zastava – Galerie aKonzept Berlin – Contemporary Art Exhibition Berlin | ART at Berlin

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