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Jelena Bulajic

Prologue | Jelena, in times of social distancing we can use our imagination to put ourselves in an authentic situation, as if we were in an on-site interview. Please describe: where would we speak together? In the studio, which is situated in the industrial port of Belgrade. The studio occupies a part of a big concrete warehouse, quite tidy, with about five large scale paintings currently in the process of making, and several smaller works. Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place. At my large working desk, which I designed with painting and drawing purposes in mind. Where do you come from, where were you born when? I was born in Vrbas in Serbia (at the time of my birth it was Yugoslavia), in 1990. How and where do you currently live and work? I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia. Which stations and people have shaped you? I was lucky to have been raised by wonderful grandparents, and also lucky to have had a couple of great teachers throughout my life, from my drawing teacher when I was still a child, to my mentor, sculptor Tony Carter, when I did my MA in London. Which authors and books can be found on your bookshelf? Which books have influenced or shaped you? On my bookshelves there are a lot of architecture related books, some of my favourites referencing the work of Peter Zumthor. There is also plenty of philosophy, fiction, art history, artist’s monographs.. What are you currently reading? Currently I am reading “On Obliteration” by Emmanuel Levinas, and a couple of books on the Eiheiji monastery in Japan and the Soto school of Buddhism. Also, there is always one of …

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Image caption: Portrait Jelena Bulajic, courtesy the artist


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