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Clare Woods

Prologue | Clare, let’s imagine that we are meeting in person. As if we would speak together in your studio. Please describe it briefly. It’s industrial, expansive, neat. Maybe we are sitting at your favorite place? In the office – on a long and uncomfortable sofa on the first floor over looking the main studio. We’d like to get to know you as a person a little closer. Where do you come from? I was born 1972 in Southampton, UK. Where do you currently live and work? In Hereford, UK. Which authors and books can be found on your bookshelf, which books have influenced you? George Orwell, Viktor Frankl, Darian Leader. George Orwell 1984 and Seeing Things The Way They Are are big influences. And what are you currently reading? I am currently reading Funny Weather by Olivia Laing and have the Virginia Woolf and Lee Krasner biographies lined up next. What music do you listen to and when? I need silence to work, so I wear noise cancelling head phones when I am in the studio. If you would cook something for us, what would it be? What do you like to eat most and what do you think about breakfast? – Eggs – And I love brunch. It’s my favourite time to eat. What kind of sport or counterbalance do you practice? Walking and watching cricket. …

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Image caption: Portrait Clare Woods, courtesy the artist


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