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Hans von Marées – Self-Portrait with Yellow Hat


Johann (hence Hans) Reinhard von Marées was born on Christmas Eve 1837 in Elberfeld that is part of today’s Wuppertal. He died June 5, 1887 in Rom. Marées was a representative of idealism, an intellectual tendency of early romantic, and was a sketch artist, graphic artist and painter.


The self-portrait with yellow hat was created in 1874. It measures 80 x 97 cm (width x height).

Brief description

We see Hans von Marées serious, distanced and seated but in a tense upright position. He’s holding a stick or a whip that’s lying over his legs. His glance is dominating. In the background we see a hilly landscape. On that landscape is a plain building with a garden. In that garden, an outline of a person is noticeable. During this time, Marees and his friend, Adolf Hildebrand lived in a monestry in Florence – perhaps recognizable in the background.

Genre & Material

Painting of realism. Painted in oil on a canvas.

Where can I find this in Berlin?

In the Alten Nationalgalerie on the Museuminsel, Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin-Mitte. To find out how to get there, please click the link below the description

The self-portrait was created after Marees finished the most important order of his life: He took over the frescos deisgn, financed by his patron and culturist philosopher Konrad Fiedler, at the Zoo station in Italy’s Naples. The fresco counts as one of the most influential works of art in the 19. Century. Apparently Marees was obsessed with the self-destructive pursuit of perfection. He would often paint pictures over and over again. He was no easy going person. Julius Meier-Graefe, an art historian says: “In this image with the yellow hat, the furious crease in his forehead, Fiedler’s favourite picture, one can recognize a sanguine person, who was considered by his friends as strenuous”.

Hier geht es zu dem Museum in Berlin, in dem Sie dieses Meisterwerk finden


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