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Drawing Dantes Göttliche Komödie – Sandro Botticelli


Sandro Botticelli was born on March 01, 1445 in Florence; he also died and was buried May 17, 1510. The shortened form “Sandro” derives from Alessandro. Apparently the name Botticelli was a nickname. His brother referred to him as “Flaesschen”. Botticelli’s birth name is Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi. At the age of 19 Botticelli became the student of the famous artist Fra Filippo Lippi in Prato/Tuscany. He opened up his own workshop at the age of 25. Being under the wing of the Medici family, Botticelli was not only supported by them but he also received political protection through continuous assignments. Among others, Sandro Batticelli decorated the newly constructed Sistine Chapel in Rome with mural paintings in 1481/82. After the death of one of his sponsors, Lorenco de Medici, Botticelli dedicated his attention to religious issues. The 94 feather drawings for the illustration of “zur goettlichen Komoedie des Dante Aligheri” are very well known. Botticelli is said to be one of the most known painters of the early renaissance. He was famous for his portraits, allegories and his religious motives.

Sandro used parchment paper for this drawing. He illustrates “hoelle im 18. Gesang der goettlichen komoedie” from Dante Alighieri (was created approx. 1307-1321) in 1481/82. Dante and his accomplice Vergil are easily visible by the devised use of colourful garments. At the top left of the drawing, Dante and Vergil encounter the mystical figure of Geryon. They wander alongside each other past two of the ten graves of the 8th “hell circle” (8. Hoellenkreises). Then they wander, so to speak, alongside two of the 10 trenches of the eighth circle of hell, perceiving with fear the flagellation and torture that await the sinner’s souls in these two trenches.

Seducers and pimps are chased through the upper trenches, beaten from the pig and dog headed winged devils on their feet, claws and talons. In the lower trenches, prostitutes and flatterers roll around in poignant faeces.

Hier geht es zu dem Museum in Berlin, in dem Sie dieses Meisterwerk finden

ART@Berlin: Drawing Dantes Göttliche Komödie Sandro Botticelli


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