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Daniel Rode

The concept artist Daniel Rode is particularly well-known for his large-scale works with short sentences from uppercase letters without spaces or other meaningful separations, as well as for his light installations. In 2017 he showed his art in the exhibition “The Wall #3” at EIGEN + ART Lab for Rheingau Founders, Berlin. We had him in “DEEDS. 10+ questions that haunt artists “interview in February 2018.

Daniel Rode in “DEEDS. 10+ questions, that haunt artists”-INTERVIEW

Two sentences about your Vita.

I was born in 1971 in Eutin and studied in Greifswald and Dresden. For many years, with a longer break in Cairo, I live in Dresden and I am in Berlin as often as possible.

What are you most worried about at the moment? what’s on your mind?

This question is too unspecific for me …

How did you come to art? Why art?

It was not a “big and spectacular” decision, it has come with an ever-increasing certainty.

What makes you happy right now? What are you currently afraid?

Art makes you happy, be it your own or that of your colleagues, be it current or old.
I am appalled by the sluggishness and pessimism in our country and the mediocre political personnel, including on the international scene.

What is your art? And can you share the intention of your art with us?

I hope I can say that I have become more and more uncompromising in my work. Art asks questions and gives no answers, their intention must be open and maybe even unclear.

How do you protect yourself from too much inspiration in this day and age?

I’m not sure I fully understand the question. If you are afraid of too much inspiration then you have a hard time as an artist. I have not experienced anything inspiring that would have forced me into anything. Feeling inspiration does not mean that I absolutely have to do something like this. I also stay inspired, so I’m trying!

How do you assess the current development of the art market?

The art market is complex and there are strange mechanisms and criteria in it. I can not really and do not want to judge that.

Two sentences about your current project.

I am increasingly concerned with plagiarism, citation, copying, repetition.
I am increasingly concerned with plagiarism, citation, copying, repetition.

What are your (next) goals?

I want to move forward. This does not necessarily have to do with success and career (but I do not oppose it!), Maybe more with the inner logic, the stringency, the sincerity in your own work.

Do you think that art has a social responsibility? And what do you think, what she can do?

I believe that the highest duty of art is the preservation of its freedom, so it must also have the freedom to refuse responsibility. But that does not mean that it must become socially irrelevant! I know it is difficult to speak of good and bad art, but I want to say that I firmly believe that good art always has the potential to be socially effective.

Art is always focused on interaction. But that is the essence of society. As soon as one is no longer alone, in society, exchange takes place, with all the resulting difficulties, risks but also miracles. So art can do everything and nothing, it can show and bring forth the best and the worst, the most beautiful and the ugliest in a society, in people, and everything in between. That’s a start.

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Photo: Julian Faulhaber


Artistic Curriculum Vitae

1971 — born in Eutin
1992 – 1997 — Greifswald University
1997 – 2003 — Academic Assistant Greifswald University
2002 – 2004 — Art Academy Dresden (HfBK), class of Monika Brandmeier
2004 – 2006 — Master class of Monika Brandmeier
2006 – 2009 — Modul – artist run space in Dresden (with Ulrike Mundt)
2009 – 2014 — lives/works in Cairo, Egypt and Dresden, Germany
since 2014 — lives/works in Dresden, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

— “QUIRING / CROSS / MINIMAL / TEXT / RODE” – Kabinett, Zentralwerk Dresden (mit Anton Quiring)
— “NEXTTIME” – Goethe-Institut Hanoi, Vietnam
— “Die Wand #3” – EIGEN + ART Lab for Rheingau Founders, Berlin
— “EXACTLY” – One-Year-Park, Taipei, Taiwan
— “Sparks ” – VASISTAS, Dresden, Germany
— “something personal ” – Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden, Germany
— ” u  r ” – District Museum, Dresden, Germany
— “VORNE” – German Protestant Church Cairo, Egypt
— “Turm/Tower” – Facade/Foyer Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, Germany
— “untitled” – Townhouse Factory Cairo
— “ON OFF” – Hungarian Cultural Institute Cairo
— “Die Maria und der Hans” – facade Goethe-Institut Athens, Greece
— “Still, Work Is Our Only Solution” – Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig
— “Work Is Our Only Solution” – metro Gallery, Berlin
— “Jungs – oder die Fortsetzung eines Irrtums” – ASPN Gallery, Leipzig
— “October Walk Cairo” – German Embassy, Goethe-Institut Cairo
— “JIMGO, THE MOON AND A HALO” – metro Gallery, Berlin
— “off season” – Blackpool Museum of Contemporary Art, Blackpool, UK
— “Froh” -Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin
— “durch und durch” -galerie januar e.V., Bochum
— “Dresdner Schule Skulptur” – Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster (with Ulrike Mundt)
— “esden” – ASPN gallery, Leipzig
— “Columbus Ohio Works” – Galerie Hartwich Rügen
— “Niemandszeit” – Koeppenhaus Greifswald
— “Columbus Ohio Works” – Open Studio Spring Street, Columbus, USA
— “Skulptur” – Kunstverein Rügen
— “Wir haben Elektrizität” – Pförtnerhaus Dresden (K)
— “Kurzbesuch” – Atelier Sachsenmaier/Seinfeld, Berlin
— “intercontinental” – eye-kju, Greifswald (with Bob Boyer)
— “A Trip in the Ratio of 3.3904% – Neutral Ground – Artist Run Centre & Gallery, Regina, Kanada
— “Rauchen wie in Pistatien” – Galerie Am Scheunenviertel, Berlin

Group Exhibitions

— “Weather Report”, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin, Rügen
— “short:visit – open:studio”, Atelier A. Sachsenmeier, Berlin

— “Ping Pong Miami ´17”, Miami, USA
— “5. Dresdner Kunstauktion der DNN”, Dresden
— “ALL IN” – Axel Springer Plug and Play, EIGEN-ART Lab, Berlin
— “UTOPIA LAND” – Heritage Space Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
— “Der stinknormale Mann” – motorenhalle, Dresden
— “Ping Pong Basel ´17” – Projektraum M54, Basel, CH
— “Ein Garten in Dahlem” – Kunsthaus Dahlem/EIGEN + ART LAB, Berlin
— “how hard can it be” – Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
— “RE:BELLION // RE:LEGION // RE:FORM” – Städtisches Museum Spendhaus Reutlingen
— “RE:BELLION // RE:LEGION // RE:FORM” – Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, Max-Pechstein-Museum
— “Born to be wild – Artornow_1” – Schloss und Kirche Tornow
— “Ein Haus in Dahlem” – EIGEN + ART LAB, Berlin
— “Junisalon: Abzocken ohne Anzuecken” – Oktogon, HfBK Dresden
— “ALWAN338 / / FOUNDATIONS” – Al Riwaq Art Space, Manama, Bahrain
— “CAIRO/BERLIN” – exhibition project German Embassy Cairo
— “ALL STAR CAST” – galerie baer, Dresden
— “shining #2” – E-Werk Freiburg
— “Le Caire Mon Amour #4” – Sh. Champillion, Downtown Cairo
— “Le Caire Mon Amour #3” – Sh. Champillion, Downtown Cairo
— “even better” – Leistungsschau – ASPN Gallery Leipzig
— “VOLTA 7” – Basel, with ASPN Gallery, Leipzig
— “Le Caire Mon Amour” – Sh. Champillion, Downtown Cairo
— “TEXTURE” – metro gallery, Berlin
— “Dozentenausstellung” – 13. Internationale Dresdner Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst – Motorenhalle, Dresden
— “now open for off season” – Endzeiten in der Gegenwartskunst- Fichtebunker, Berlin
— “by grouping items into units we remember better” – gallery dieschönestadt, Halle/Saale, Germany
— “applied arts-history…creativity” – Isis Gallery, Museum M. Mukhtar, Cairo
— “moving artists” – Galerie Emila Filly, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
— “the white under the red” – metro gallery, Berlin
— “EX” – MODUL, Dresden
— “moving artists” – Motorenhalle, Dresden
— “SCULPT-O-MANIA Neue Skulptur aus Deutschland” – Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen
— “SCULPT-O-MANIA Neue Skulptur aus Deutschland” – Stadtgalerie Kiel (K)
— “Bazaar – Die Strategie des Risikos” – zu Gast auf dem 5. Berliner Kunstsalon
— “Animals” – Pöge-Haus, Leipzig
— “CamouFlash” – Prager Spitze, Dresden
— “Kunst in der Tiefe” – Besucherbergwerk Reiche Zeche, Freiberg (K)
— “Spielbein” – Galerie Baer, Dresden
— “Modul Nordost” – Galerie Hartwich Rügen
— “Signale-Ostrale” – Alte Schlachthöfe, Ostragehege, Dresden
— “Brand Klasse Meier” – Künstlerhaus Dortmund (K)
— “Meisterschülerausstellung” – Museum Hofmühle Dresden
— Senatssaal HfBK Dresden
— “Treibsand 3” – Staatliches Museum Schwerin (K)
— “Diplomausstellung” – HfBK Dresden(K)
— “on the way” – Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow (K)
— “news” – Schleswig Holstein Haus, Schwerin
— “bodycheck” – GalerieRieRiemann, Leipzig
— “fuge” – Schloss Griebenow
— Bahnhof Westend, Berlin
— “fugato” – eye-kju, Greifswald
— Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop (K)
— Physikalisches Institut Universität Greifswald
— “Labor 1-Junge Kunst aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”, Rostock


— Travel Grant: Hanoi, Vietnam, through Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, in coop. with Goethe-Institute Hanoi
— Resident Artist, Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator in cooperation with Galerie EIGEN + ART, Berlin
— Resident Artist, Al Riwaq Art Space, Manama, Bahrain
— Project funding Goethe-Institute Cairo, solo exhibition at Townhouse Gallery Cairo
— Project funding German Embassy Cairo, “october walk cairo”
— Residency CCA, Andratx, Mallorca, Spain
— Travel-Grant from the city of Dresden to Blackpool/Manchester, GB
— Residency Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin
— 1. Preis: Kunst in der Tiefe, Besucherbergwerk Reiche Zeche, Freiberg
— Travel grant from Saxony to Columbus, Ohio, USA
— Travel grant from Künstlerhauses Schloss Plüschow to Finland
— Visiting artist: First Nations University of Canada


— organized and curated: “CAIRO/BERLIN” – exhibition project German Embassy Cairo, participating artists: Taha Belal, Jenifer Evans, Julian Faulhaber, Ganzeer, Sara Pfrommer, Daniel Rode, Klaus Walter
2006 – 2009
— “MODUL” artist run space in Dresden, Germany; with: Ulrike Mundt;


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