post-title KW Institute: Open Secret | 16.07.-31.12.2021

KW Institute: Open Secret | 16.07.-31.12.2021

KW Institute: Open Secret | 16.07.-31.12.2021

KW Institute: Open Secret | 16.07.-31.12.2021

Open Secret (16 July – 31 December 21) is a six-month long online program that explores the image of the ‘technological hidden’ in our apparently ‘open’ society. With new contributions released on a monthly basis, the Open Secret website will bring together art, automation, politics, and new patterns of exchange. The website is designed by Sometimes Always and will be made available from 16 July 2021 onwards.

Technology increases our access to knowledge, making the world more legible, while undermining ignorance and superstition. At least, that’s what we are told. But it sometimes feels like we have entered a new dark age of black boxes. In computer science, a black box is a unit of software or hardware that interacts entirely through its interface. What happens inside it is opaque, veiled in shadow. Users of black boxes may only partially understand how they work, but can easily observe their effects in the world.

There is drama—desire, disappointment, and uncertainty—in coming to..

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Image caption: © Joshua Citarella, Choose Your Future, 2021, Still from the website; Courtesy the artist

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