post-title Gallery Weekend Summer Special | 18.06.-20.06.2021

Gallery Weekend Summer Special | 18.06.-20.06.2021

Gallery Weekend Summer Special | 18.06.-20.06.2021

Gallery Weekend Summer Special | 18.06.-20.06.2021

Next weekend from 18 to 20 June 2021, a Gallery Weekend Summer Special will take place in many Berlin galleries and art institutions in the wake of Gallery Weekend Berlin, which was held on the first weekend in May.

With extended opening hours, the participating galleries invite visitors to see the exhibitions that, due to the pandemic-related restrictions, have so far been seen by fewer art enthusiasts than usual.

Participating galleries + presented artists:

Guido W. Baudach, Thomas Zipp / Borch Gallery, Julie Mehretu / Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Giuseppe Desiato / BQ, Le saint ennu / QBBQ’s, Leda Bourgogne / Galerie Buchholz, Alvin Baltrop / Buchmann, Tony Cragg / Capitain Petzel, Matt Mullican, Christopher Williams, Monika Sosnowska, Samson Young / Carlier I Gebauer, Tarik Kiswanson, Emily Wardill / ChertLüdde, Agnes Scherer / Bungalow, Doruntina Kastrati / Showroom, Amadou Seck / Mehdi Chouakri, Isabell Heimerdinger, Jonathan Monk / Crone, Ashley Hans Scheirl / Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Thomas Liu Le Lann / Ebensperger, Heiner Franzen / Efremidis, Mathis Altmann, Willem Oorebeek / Eigen + Art, Maja Behrmann, Birgit Brenner,  Raul Walch, Selin Wutzler / Konrad Fischer Galerie, Susan Philipsz / Lars Friedrich, Christian Philipp Müller, Ricardo Valentim, Brad Kronz / Galerie Friese, Claire de Santa Coloma / Max Hetzler, Albert Oehlen, Walton Ford / Michael Haas, Jakob Mattner, Ernst Wilhelm Nay  / Galerie Judin, Adrian Ghenie / Kewenig, Christian Boltanski, Cabrita / Klemm´s, Geumhyung Jeong / Noah Klink, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann / Klosterfelde Edition, Behind the Screen / KOW, Hiwa K, Sophie Gogl, Milena Büsch, Simon Lässig, Vera Lutz / Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Alexander Carver / alexander levy, Ella Littwitz / Daniel Marzona, Sofia Hultén / Meyer Riegger, Ulla von Brandenburg / Neu, Karl Holmqvist / neugerriemschneider, Pae White, Noa Eshkol / Michel Majerus Estate, Takashi Murakami / Galerie Nordenhake, Matthias Hoch / Peres Projects, Brent Wadden, Marc Padeu / Plan B, Navid Nuur / Gregor Podnar, Ivan Kožarić / PSM, Mariela Scafati / Schiefe Zähne, Richard Sides / Esther Schipper, Sarah Buckner, Cui Jie, Cordula Ditz, Almut Heise, Hannah Höch, Leiko Ikemura, Tala Madani, Isa Melsheimer, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Paula Rego, Shahzia Sikander, Tsai Yi-Ting, Yeesookyung / Galerie Thomas Schulte, Rebecca Horn / Société, Trisha Baga / Sprüth Magers, Gilbert & George, George Condo, Robert Elfgen / Sweetwater, Kayode Ojo / Barbara Thumm, Sarah Entwistle, Diango Hernández / Tanja Wagner, Annabel Daou / Galerie Barbara Weiss, Jannis Marwitz / Wentrup, Natalie Ball / Barbara Wien, Elisabeth Neudörfl / Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner, Birgitt Bolsmann, Almut Heise, Paula Modesohn-Becker, Rissa

The Summer Special also includes the reopened museums and institutions. You can find an overview of their exhibitions here.

The participating galleries will open their exhibitions from Friday to Sunday from 12 to 7 pm each day. As already mentioned, the exhibitions of the Gallery Weekend will still be on view. In addition, some new exhibitions have been added.


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