post-title From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus | Bröhan Museum | 25.01.-05.05.2019

From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus | Bröhan Museum | 25.01.-05.05.2019

From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus | Bröhan Museum | 25.01.-05.05.2019

From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus | Bröhan Museum | 25.01.-05.05.2019

With the subtitle “Art and Design – A New Unity” the Bröhan-Museum is showing the exhibition “From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus” from 24 January 2019.

Many fairy tales and myths entwine around the Bauhaus. Terms such as “Bauhaus style” or “The Bauhaus idea” have become commonplace. The Bauhaus itself became a myth, an icon of modernity. Mistakenly, it is both made the climax of modernity and misunderstood as the starting point of modernity. The exhibition “From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus. Kunst und Design – eine neue Einheit! wants to clear up many of these myths and make a contribution to a design historical classification of the Bauhaus as part of the anniversary programme “100 years of bauhaus”.

How free may the form be? How much consideration must it give to its function? Is design art? And should designers work more closely with craftsmen or industry? Does modernity need a style? These questions, which today are immediately associated with the Bauhaus, were developed 50 years earlier in the English Arts and Crafts movement. The ideas and concepts of the Bauhaus and its design language are not strokes of genius without precursors. After the end of the First World War, they are a logical continuation of the developments initiated by the Arts and Crafts movement. Together with English designers such as Dresser, Godwin and Morris, a new design was created whose designs and theories discussed the relationship between art, craft, design and industry and paved the way for modern design. When it was founded in 1919 and the first years in Weimar, the Bauhaus was not a milestone in the history of design, but rather the temporary intermediate step in this discussion that shaped design in Europe.

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, the exhibition “From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus. Art and Design – a New Unity” at the Bröhan-Museum explores the prehistory of the famous school. It shows the decisive steps in the design development of Arts and Crafts in England via the Glasgow School, the Viennese Art Nouveau, the German Werkbund, the Dutch group De Stijl to the Weimar and Dessau Bauhaus. This European discourse on design is explained on the basis of around 300 exhibits – furniture, graphic design, metal art, ceramics and paintings – from half a century of art and design history. Highlights include design classics by William Morris, Charles R. Mackintosh, Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos and Marcel Breuer, as well as lesser-known designs. The exhibition shows how the Bauhaus was influenced by the various developments and how difficult it was at first to develop an independent formal language from the abundance of these positions.

ART at Berlin - Broehan Museum - Karl Peter Roehl - Courtesy Galerie Berinson Berlin-min
1922, Oil on Canvas, Galerie Berinson, Berlin

The exhibition is sponsored by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, the IKEA Foundation and the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung. Media partners: Kulturradio vom rbb, Inforadio vom rbb, Yorck Kinogruppe, domus, H.O.M.E., Dinamix, where Berlin Magazin, Exberliner.


Opening of the exhibition
Wed, 23.1., 19 o’clock, registration not required

Free public guided tours (plus admission to the museum)
every Sunday, 15 o’clock, registration not necessary

Free public guided tours
on every 1st Wednesday of the month, 16 o’clock, free admission, registration not required

Concert Series “Young Musicians Meet Art Nouveau”
every 1st Thursday of the month, 14 o’clock, registration not required

Free “Family Sundays”
every 3rd Sunday of the month, 11 am, for children (5-12 years) and their families, 90 min,

Registration not required

Free open design workshop
for children and adults on every Sunday, 13-17 o’clock, plus admission (children up to 18 years free), registration not necessary

Workshops for adults:

Jewellery design (Sat, 9.2./13.4./4.5)

Surface, form, function: design with paper (Sat, 16.03./27.04), each 14-17 o’clock, from 16 years,

39,- € p.P., incl. admission and material, binding registration required at least three days before the chosen date:, Tel.: 030/32690600

teacher training

Thu, 31.1., 16-18 hours. After an exclusive guided tour through the newly opened exhibition, the interdisciplinary educational programme for school classes will be presented. Registration required under:, Telephone: 030/32690625

Program for school classes

As part of the exhibition, we offer an interdisciplinary program for school classes.

Further information



Curators of the exhibition: Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Dr. Anna Grosskopf

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue (German/English) published by Wienand Verlag: 368 pages with numerous colour illustrations, price: 40,- € at the museum box office


WHERE? Bröhan-Museum, Schlossstraße 1a, 14059 Berlin (at Schloss Charlottenburg)

WHEN? Tue to Sun from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on all holidays

COSTS? regular 8,- €, reduced 5,- €, children under 18 years and school classes admission free
Every 1st Wednesday of the month admission free, made possible by Deutsche Wohnen SE


Image caption: Karl Peter Röhl, DE STIJL KOMPOSITION, 1922, Öl auf Leinwand, Galerie Berinson, Berlin



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